Ariel Martin is a talented actress who has starred in a number of popular Hollywood movies. In this blog post, she shares her thoughts on her role as Wynter Barkowitz in Zombies 3, her character’s backstory, and more.

Zombies 3

Zombie 3 is finally here and fans of the first two films won’t want to miss this exciting interview with Ariel Martin. In this installment of the blog, the actress talks about her character in the film, why zombies are such a popular topic to write about, and how she came up with the idea for Zombie 3.

Ariel Martin

Zombie 3 is set to release later this year and people are excited. Actress Ariel Martin is no exception. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Gossip, Ariel discusses her role in the eagerly awaited sequel, Zombie 3, and discusses a few other topics in the meantime. Ariel also talks about her character and the premiere date for Zombie 3. Keep an eye out for her upcoming projects this year and be sure to check out Zombie 3 when it hits theaters!

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Wynter Barkowitz

In this episode of The Geeky Gossip, our hosts discuss The Meg, Pokemon Go (sort of), and all things geeky! Wynter Barkowitz talks about her character in Zombie 3, how it’s different from other zombie movies, and more! Ariel Martin discusses the new season of Stranger Things, working with David Harbour and more! So, don’t miss a minute of the action as we chat about Zombie 3, Stranger Things, and much more!

Nter Barkowitz is a 28-year-old woman who is married to Michael Barkowitz, the protagonist of Zombie 3. She has a young daughter named Violet and lives with her husband and daughter in a small town in New Mexico.

Ariel Martin is a talented actress who has worked in a range of genres, from school plays and commercials to film and TV productions. She first caught the attention of audiences when she appeared in the horror film Zombie 3, playing the role of Nter Barkowitz.

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