Chromebooks have been outfitted with USB-C ports, which can be used to charge your laptop and transfer data to and from compatible devices. But as they do not have the same dimensions as standard USB ports, you might find yourself using the wrong cable and thereby damaging your Chromebook, according to The Verge . Luckily, Google has announced that new Chromebooks will soon come with an indicator that tells you whether you’re using the right cable or not. This will allow users to easily plug in their laptops without worrying about damaging them if they use the wrong cable. Are you using the right USB-C cable for your Chromebook?

How to tell if a charger/cable is bad

There are a few ways to check if a cable is bad. First, plug it into another device like a phone or tablet, and see if it works. Another way is to hold both ends of a wire while they’re plugged in and wiggle them around. A cable that works correctly should have power flowing through it in both directions at all times; if there’s no power coming through at any time (i.e., one end of the wire is working but not both), then that means something went wrong inside it. If nothing happens when you wiggle them, then keep looking.

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How to fix it, and prevent it from happening again

Google’s made a couple of changes to how it implements its Over-the-Air update system, known as Delta updates. They were designed to make OTA updates smaller by only downloading what has changed since your last update. This is ideal for patching vulnerabilities, but could be problematic if you’re moving from Windows over to Chrome OS and need drivers or software that haven’t been updated in a while.

Are you using the right USB-C cable for your Chromebook?
Are you using the right USB-C cable for your Chromebook?

To get around Delta updates, go into Settings>About Chrome OS>Detailed Build Information. The build number will be listed under Channel: If it’s 60 or higher, then it’s an older channel build and won’t accept new drivers via OTA update—but you can use an SD card to force a restore with a later version instead.

What to do with old chargers/cables (donate them!)

The simple answer here is yes. If there’s no risk to doing so, feel free to pass on old chargers and cables. If they can make their way to somebody else and help them out, then it makes perfect sense to donate them. Just be sure not to donate anything that hasn’t seen an expiration date; if you know of a specific charity that accepts old cords/chargers, contact them directly about donating specific goods before just giving stuff away. Or better yet: offer yours up on a community forum like Reddit or Craigslist and let others go after first dibs. That way, everybody wins—donating equipment is easy as pie!

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How this all came about

We’d all love to have a galaxy of options when it comes to accessories. Unfortunately, not every gadget plays nice with every other one out there. For example, Apple’s latest iPhone won’t even charge when connected to Samsung’s latest fast charging adaptor. If you’re buying new cables or chargers for your Chromebook, here are a few things to keep in mind: First and foremost, check out what brand charger came with your Chromebook in the first place. This can often be referred to as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) type of charger, or power adapter.

Can you charge Chromebooks with USB-C?

Not all USB cables are created equal. For example, many people have been surprised to learn that most microUSB chargers aren’t compatible with Chromebooks. So can you charge a Chromebook with a regular old USB-A cable? The answer is yes, but there’s a major drawback: charging speeds will be painfully slow.

Are you using the right USB-C cable for your Chromebook?
Are you using the right USB-C cable for your Chromebook?

What cable does a Chromebook use?

For most of 2017, Google’s Pixelbook was one of a scant few devices with USB-C ports. Like almost all other devices with these ports, it used an active port—that is, one that can either provide power or draw it. That means a Pixelbook can use any of the new USB Power Delivery cables that vendors began pushing into their products late last year to reduce charging times.

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Can you charge your Chromebook with a phone charger?

Most Android phone chargers will work just fine with most Chromebooks, including Pixelbooks. But there are a few things to look out for: first and foremost, make sure that it has a Google Certified USB-C logo on it—you can find that one either on an icon in its physical packaging or from its manufacturer’s website.

Does USB-C to VGA work on Chromebook?

If you want to connect a monitor, display or projector with a VGA connector to your Chromebook, chances are that you’ll need an adapter. After all, most modern laptops don’t come with VGA ports anymore. Even if they do have one, it’s not guaranteed to work as there are plenty of cheap adapters in circulation which won’t get along well with your expensive laptop. Luckily, Google offers an official solution and now it will tell you if an adapter is compatible.

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