If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrency, it might have come to your attention that some exchanges have an invite-only registration system, while others do not require registration at all. But why the discrepancy? Why do some platforms require more hoops to jump through than others? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind the invite-only registration process and whether or not there are any crypto exchanges that don’t require an invite code at all! Are There Invite-Only Crypto Platforms?

Yes, it’s possible

An invite-only platform is an environment where users can only get access by having an invite or getting invited by other existing members. It’s a powerful tool to regulate who joins, but it does add some difficulty in getting started. While some crypto platforms will let you get started immediately upon registering (like Coinbase), most are not that straightforward. You need to follow specific steps, like completing ID verification and waiting for approval, before you can begin transacting on those platforms.

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No, this isn’t true Are There Invite-Only Crypto Platforms?

Most cryptocurrency platforms—including those that trade in digital tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin—do not restrict access to their exchanges. This means you can open an account without having to be approved for one first. Many platforms do have limits on how much you can buy and sell during a given time period, but these are generally quite high and don’t preclude buying small amounts of cryptocurrency at a time if you want to experiment with trading.

Is ICON (ICX) an invite-only platform? Are There Invite-Only Crypto Platforms?

ICON is an invite-only platform where you can purchase ICX coins, which give you access to their full ecosystem. However, there are ways to get around being invited into ICON and getting in early on one of 2018’s biggest crypto projects. Keep reading for more information about how to buy ICX without an invitation.

Are There Invite-Only Crypto Platforms?
Are There Invite-Only Crypto Platforms?

How you can join ICON Foundation

First of all, if you want to be part of ICON, don’t be discouraged by its high popularity. ICON is different from other crypto projects in that it has an invite-only process for new members wanting to join. But with a bit of research and effort, you can still get in. Here are some tips on how you can become a member of ICON Foundation The first step is to know more about ICON. Read up on their vision, mission and values; learn more about their team; study their whitepaper.

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What are the benefits of joining ICON ICO?

One of the biggest advantages of joining an ICO is getting a great deal on coins. It’s not uncommon for new coins to drop by 50 or even 60 percent once they hit exchanges, simply because there are so many new holders. If you were able to buy in during pre-sale or on day one of trading, however, you’ll have a much better shot at getting in early and making a healthy profit.

Why you should be on ICON social channels and Discord Channel

for a growing crypto project like ICON, maintaining an active presence on social media channels and in messaging communities (such as Discord) is critical to spreading word about your project. In that sense, these platforms can serve as a starting point for potential new investors and partners—even if you aren’t yet reaching out to them directly from your own channels. The more reach you have, the greater likelihood that ICON will get additional support from its community of users.

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