Apple may soon come out with two new iPhones, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. It’s not clear what other features they’ll have, but some rumors say that these models will be waterproof and more durable than previous iPhones so that you can take them with you when you’re at the beach or in a rainstorm without having to worry about water damage. In addition, rumors say that Apple is also working on creating technology that will let you type even if your fingers are wet or submerged in water — though we don’t know if this feature will be included in these new phones. Apple’s newest iPhones may let you type in the rain and even underwater

A new laser keyboard

According to a new patent, Apple is working on a laser keyboard that would be usable in all sorts of environments, including rain and underwater. The keyboard would work by projecting a keyboard onto any surface, and then tracking the user’s finger movements to detect which keys are being pressed. This would be a major step up from the current iPhone keyboard, which can only be used in dry conditions. It also offers a lot more flexibility than virtual keyboards, which can’t always take into account the lack of visual feedback. That said, it’s unclear if or when this technology will make its way into an actual iPhone.

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Waterproof screens

Apple is reportedly working on making its screens waterproof, which would be a huge selling point for the iPhone. This would allow users to type in the rain, or even underwater. The technology is still in development, but it is said to be based on nanotechnology.

Apples newest iPhones may let you type in the rain and even underwater
Apple’s newest iPhones may let you type in the rain and even underwater

It is unclear when this feature will be available, but it is likely that it will be included in future generations of the iPhone. It is important to note that Apple has not confirmed this news, so we should take all information with a grain of salt.

However, these reports are quite believable considering how much research Apple has put into making the iPhone waterproof. For example, the company has patented a method for reducing liquid damage by creating an airtight seal around parts of the phone like ports and connectors. Another report suggests that new designs could include rubber seals around charging ports, headphone jacks, speaker grilles, and more. If these patents turn out to be true then future generations of iPhones could have more than just water-resistant screens: they could also be completely waterproof!

Dual sim slots

In addition to an OLED display, Apple is rumored to be working on a new iPhone that features dual sim slots. This would be a first for the iPhone, and would allow users to have two separate phone numbers (and plans) on one device. This could be handy for international travelers, or for those who want to keep their work and personal lives separate. It’s not clear yet how Apple would implement this feature, but it’s said to be in testing. The company has filed patents for tech that automatically changes which SIM card takes precedence depending on where the user is located. The dual-SIM technology will likely be available exclusively in Asia at launch.

Apples newest iPhones may let you type in the rain and even underwater
Apple’s newest iPhones may let you type in the rain and even underwater

A larger iPhone X Plus

The iPhone X Plus is rumored to be one of Apple’s upcoming phones. This phone is said to be larger than the current iPhone X, and it may come with some new features. One of these features is the ability to type in the rain or even underwater. This would be a great feature for those who are always on the go and need to be able to use their phone in all types of weather. Another rumor is that this phone will have a better camera than the current iPhone X. This would be great for those who love taking pictures and videos. The last rumor is that this phone will have a longer battery life. This would be great for those who are always on their phone and need it to last all day long.

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Can you use your iPhone in the rain?

With Apple’s new iPhone models, you may be able to use your phone in the rain and even underwater. The phone will be protected against splashes of water and raindrops, so you’ll be able to keep using your phone without worry. Plus, the new iPhone models will be able to type faster and more accurately in the rain, thanks to an improved keyboard design. So if you’re caught in a downpour, you’ll still be able to stay connected.

Could Apple’s new smartphone technology let you control future iPhones underwater?

According to a new patent, it appears that Apple is investigating this possibility. The patent, filed in February of this year, describes a water-resistant casing with an ingress protection rating of IP68. This would allow the iPhone to be used in harsh environments, including being submerged in water up to two meters deep for up to 30 minutes.

Apples newest iPhones may let you type in the rain and even underwater
Apple’s newest iPhones may let you type in the rain and even underwater

Is the iPhone 13 waterproof and water-resistant?

No one knows for sure what Apple has in store for the iPhone 13, but there are some features that are rumored to be in the works. One of those is increased water resistance. The iPhone 13 could be able to withstand being submerged in water for longer periods of time than previous models. Additionally, it is said that the phone will be able to repel water more effectively, making it easier to use in the rain or even during a swim. While these features have not been confirmed by Apple, they would certainly be useful additions for anyone who is looking for a more durable and versatile smartphone.

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