Apple just released iOS 15.5 and here’s why you should install it right away! With the release of iOS 15.5, Apple has made some minor bug fixes to improve the overall experience, but iOS 15.5 also adds an important new feature which will be useful to many users in the future: bug fixes for Augmented Reality (AR) applications! ARKit 2 is now available with iOS 15.5, so if you’re an app developer or a user looking to play around with AR on your iPhone or iPad, now’s the time to download it! Apple just released iOS 15.5 and here’s why you should install it right away!


Let’s be honest, while iMessage has gotten much better, it is still a little buggy at times. That said, if you want to ensure that your iMessages are safe and private, go to Settings -> Messages -> iMessage. There will be an option called: Send Read Receipts with a check box next to it; uncheck that if you don’t want to give out proof of receiving messages (it might come in handy one day).


As a lot of Apple owners already know, podcasts are a great way to stay informed on current news, while also learning new things outside of your usual realm of study or work. Whether you’re just starting out with podcasts or are a long-time fan, there is bound to be something for everyone in Apple’s wide-ranging podcast catalog; although, I would personally recommend checking out some tech-focused shows for those who prefer being able to go back and listen at their own pace. Here are some of my favorites: Unofficial Apple Weblog (free), Coding Blocks (free), Talk Python To Me (free), The Changelog ($4/month).

Apple just released iOS 15.5 and here's why you should install it right away!
Apple just released iOS 15.5 and here’s why you should install it right away!

Group FaceTime

Apple’s new feature allows users to video chat with up to 32 people at a time in a group setting. And while there is likely a lot more people are going to use it for fun, face-to-face conversations; businesses are also starting to get creative about how they can leverage new tech for business use. Group FaceTime represents an excellent opportunity for small businesses or sole proprietorships who want to provide virtual office space or give clients added access without overspending on additional staff or hiring expensive freelancers or subcontractors.

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The newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system features a brand new feature for users who want to personalize their device even more than they already do: Memoji, or personalized emoji. Memoji lets users create an avatar of themselves based on dozens of different options that range from facial features to hair style and color. The avatars can be shared with friends using Apple Messages, but unlike Snapchat’s face filters, Memoji does not store any facial data on their servers so your privacy is protected. Additionally, if you decide that your Memoji no longer reflects how you want to represent yourself (as is bound to happen at some point), Apple will automatically delete all traces of your old avatar—you won’t need to delete it manually like Facebook and Google require in their apps.

Siri Shortcuts

With Siri Shortcuts, users can create custom phrases that Siri will recognize. When a user says one of these phrases, Siri will perform an action associated with that phrase. This is similar to how we use Google Assistant shortcuts or Alexa skills today. For example, if I have a shortcut called I’m hungry, I could say Hey Siri, I’m hungry to Siri and she would tell me what restaurants are nearby (in addition to other information). Or if I created a shortcut called Order my usual, I could say Hey Siri, order my usual when at Starbucks to order my favorite drink without having to go through any extra steps in between. And while these are simple examples of what’s possible with shortcuts today, Apple has said there is much more on its way for shortcuts in future versions of iOS.

Apple just released iOS 15.5 and here's why you should install it right away!
Apple just released iOS 15.5 and here’s why you should install it right away!

Screen Time Limits

Is your iPhone controlling your life? You’re not alone. For many of us, our iPhones have become extensions of ourselves, giving us constant access to work, home life, friends and family…and yes, even our own personal brand of mindless entertainment. But when an important call or message comes through on your mobile device while you’re in a meeting or are otherwise engaged in other activities that require your attention—well, guess what: Your mobile phone will take priority over virtually everything else in your life until said call or message has been attended to…even if that means ignoring a kid who’s trying to get your attention by tugging at your pant leg—or worse yet, breaking up with someone because there are too many hours between texts and emails.

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Battery performance boost

Apple’s new update for Apple iPhone brings along with it a slew of improvements, one of which is better battery performance for some models of phones. Depending on what model of phone you have, you might see up to an hour’s worth of extra battery life from your phone after installing iOS 15.5, depending on what your usage pattern has been like in recent days. The iPhones that seem to benefit most from these improvements are those with larger batteries, so if your iPhone 6 or later has had a tendency to die early then give Apple’s new update a try; if it doesn’t work out for you, there are some other solutions to consider as well.

Performance boost

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons to update your iPhone to iOS 15.5 is for performance improvements. That said, whether or not it will improve your device’s speed may depend on how old your phone is. According to benchmark tests performed by Tom’s Guide , battery life and frame rates could both see slight boosts, with some devices actually seeing a decrease in score when compared to older versions of iOS . If any app seems to be crashing more than usual, consider installing an update if one is available—even if Apple doesn’t explicitly tout speed enhancements in its changelog notes.

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Cool new feature #1

Notifications from individual apps now appear as separate cards in Notification Center, rather than as one giant stack of updates. You can also expand or peek at app notifications by 3D Touching on them, then use another finger to pull them down into view—like showing a notification to someone sitting next to you on a plane (or at least pretending they are). Finally, app developers can customize their notification behavior; so if there’s an app that sends you too many annoying push notifications, head into its settings and tell it to tone things down a bit.

In conclusion…

I can’t stress enough how important thinking is to starting any business, especially an online business, because your success depends on how well you plan out every aspect of your online business plan. Just remember that if you don’t think through every step of a process before you start that whatever mistakes or roadblocks that do occur can be costly both in time and money; if even one small thing goes wrong, everything after it will begin to fall apart like a house of cards…meaning think about everything all at once so nothing falls behind, otherwise there will be no way to catch up when something inevitably falls behind.

My experience with installing iOS 15.5

I downloaded iOS 15.5 last night, but decided to wait until a little later today to make sure everything was in working order before I did an OTA update on my iPhone 7 Plus. Just like previous major updates from Apple, there have been some new bugs reported by users online. Luckily, I had no issues whatsoever installing the update on my iPhone.

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