Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, was Monica Geller’s best friend from childhood and the third of six main characters to be introduced on Friends. Rachel first moves in with Monica in season one after nearly marrying Barry Farber. Rachel and Ross Geller are later involved in an on-again, off-again relationship throughout the series, though they finally marry in the last episode of the show’s 10th season. Aniston’s Bestie: Rachel Green from Friends

Who Is Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress and producer. She gained worldwide recognition in 1998, when she portrayed Rachel Green in her breakout role on NBC sitcom Friends. In 2012, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her performance as Monica Geller earned her critical acclaim, garnering Golden Globe Award nominations for best actress – television series comedy or musical (2001–2005), and Emmy Award nominations for lead acting awards (2000–2010). The character was widely popular during its run and was later recognized as one of

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green

A fashion enthusiast and Monica Geller’s best friend from childhood. Rachel first moves in with Monica in season one after nearly marrying Barry Farber. Rachel and Ross Geller are later involved in an on-again, off-again relationship throughout the series of episodes. At her most, she was both beautiful, funny, out-going and playful.

Anistons Bestie: Rachel Green from Friends
Aniston’s Bestie: Rachel Green from Friends

What Are The Characteristics Of The Character?

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, film director, and producer. She gained worldwide recognition in 1998 for playing Rachel Green on the popular television sitcom Friends, for which she earned her first Golden Globe Award nomination. The character was widely popular during the airing of Friends, a factor that greatly contributed to Aniston’s success in entertainment. When asked what her favorite part about playing Rachel was, she revealed that it was her sense of humor. She appreciated how laugh-out-loud funny she could be at times and enjoyed how people could relate to such a lighthearted character with problems just like everyone else.

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What Is Her Role In The Story?

Jennifer Aniston is best known for her role as Rachel Green in NBC’s Friends. The character was first introduced to audiences in 1994 on Season 4 Episode 2 of Seinfeld, and audiences immediately responded positively to her quirky, spontaneous and comedic personality. In fact, Time Magazine named Rachel their Favorite TV Character of All Time, claiming that Jennifer Aniston saved a show that seemed to be going nowhere. There is no doubt that her talent helped strengthen one of televisions most beloved series. With over ten seasons and 236 episodes under its belt, Friends has become a household name with over 70 million fans worldwide. So what makes viewers connect so well with each character?

How Did The Writer Give Life To This Character?

Rachel was a very grounded character, who even after having everything she ever wanted, always had her friends in mind. This is best seen through her relationship with Ross. While everyone believed that she would be happy for them and support their relationship, Jennifer Aniston herself felt otherwise. During season 8 of Friends, she gave birth to a son named Jack with her then husband Justin Theroux but still remained on the show till its end despite being away filming her own movie Wanderlust. Jennifer had great respect for both Joey and Chandler so much so that when they asked if they could call their baby Emma as it was partly inspired by them (Chandler in particular as he never seemed to have time to go on a date) Jennifer thought it was lovely and said yes without hesitation!

Anistons Bestie: Rachel Green from Friends
Aniston’s Bestie: Rachel Green from Friends

Roles In Other Works By Writer (If Any)

In 2012, Lisa Kudrow portrayed Phoebe Buffay in a Broadway revival of David Crane and Marta Kauffman’s television series Friends, titled Friends! The One Where They Sing. For her performance, Kudrow was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. In May 2013, she reprised her role again in London. This will be followed by a US tour starting in November 2013.

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Overall Opinion On The Character And The Role Played

Her role as Rachel was loved by everyone. The way she acted and portrayed her role in front of everyone is commendable. It is seen that she never got into any kind of legal trouble and maintained a clean image throughout her career. She took part in many projects after leaving friends and never looked back on them. In 2007, she started a production company named Echo Films which deals with development and production of different television shows as well as other media platforms. Aniston always maintained a low profile and refrained herself from doing anything controversial which made her loved by almost everyone. She has always been mentioned as one of America’s sweethearts because of how decent, beautiful and humble she is off screen!

Who was originally supposed to play Rachel on Friends?

Téa Leoni (formerly of ‘Mad About You’) was offered a starring role in Friends as Monica Geller and her best friend, Chandler Bing’s Joey Tribbiani’s lover and roommate. She turned it down to star in CBS sitcom, Wings. This event led producers to cast Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green – who went on to be one of TV’s most iconic leading ladies. By all accounts it was a big career break for Aniston, but given that she married her Friends co-star Brad Pitt, maybe not so much. [1] [2]

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Did David Schwimmer ever have a crush on Jennifer Aniston?

David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller in Friends, just revealed that he once had a crush on Jennifer Aniston. Speaking with InStyle magazine for their September cover story, he revealed that he thought she was beautiful and smart when they first met in 1994 during auditions for the show, but then realized that it wasn’t romantic at all. He said, I thought she was so beautiful and great—we’re still friends—but I had to put my feelings aside and remember we were coming into something together. For more celebrity updates, be sure to follow Glamour on Twitter! __MORE:__ [Curious about what happened to your favorite ’90s stars?

Who turned down the role of Rachel on Friends?

Jennifer Aniston. NBC executive Warren Littlefield said that it was his decision to let her go, citing that he felt Aniston was too young for her character and didn’t want people to think that she was playing Monica Geller in a different age. In fact, at 25-years-old, Aniston couldn’t get cast in any of her auditions until she played 23-year-old Rachel on Friends. And after being rejected by so many other TV networks and studios, Littlefield also offered Aniston a role as a recurring character who would show up for six episodes with an option to become a regular.

Why is Jennifer Aniston’s arm wrapped in Friends?

Jennifer Aniston has been inseparable from her longtime best friend Courtney Cox. So when fans spotted Aniston’s left arm wrapped in a bandage on an outing with Cox in New York City earlier today, curiosity about what happened ran wild. But at least we know it was nothing serious—and it may even be an homage to her famous Friends character, Rachel Green! But don’t get your hopes up for a reunion of Ross and Rachel, sadly.

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