To help you understand James’s wife, Sophie Whitehouse, from the movie Anatomy of a Scandal you’ll need to know some background on her character as well as where and when she was born. In addition, you’ll also want to know about how she felt about being married to an older man and her guilt about being in love with another man. So, here’s everything you need to know about Sophie Whitehouse. Anatomy of a Scandal – James’s wife Sophie Whitehouse

We meet

Dr. James Whitehouse, his devoted and beautiful second wife, Sophie Whitehouse (Sienna Miller), and their adoring teenage daughter, Honey (Morgan Taylor Campbell). They are living happily ever after as a family—or so it appears. What we don’t see is what’s going on inside Dr. Whitehouse: he suffers from erectile dysfunction and secretly takes medication to keep it under control.

Early days

Sienna Miller was born in New York on 28th March, 1985 to her mother, who was an artist. Her father worked as an advertising executive and at a young age they moved to London. Sienna took ballet lessons from age three and then attended a local private school in North London where she studied musical theatre, although it wasn’t until her mid-teens that she began modelling. At 16 she relocated to Italy to study Italian literature at Florence University.

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The party we were never invited to

She plays James’s fashionable, free-spirited second wife Sophie. ‘She and Emma are very different people in my mind,’ says Sienna Miller, who joins McAvoy in Robert Altman’s ensemble drama. ‘Emma is an incredibly cool girl, but I like to think I would have been more fun than she was.’

A victim emerges

Who is really to blame for all of these scandals? A recent study conducted by Loyola Marymount University reveals that neither men nor women are entirely guilty or innocent. The study shows that it’s often both parties in any scandal who share equal responsibility. While one may be more culpable than another, neither side should bear all the burden. In fact, many times both genders are equally guilty and can come together to create meaningful change, if they work together and each takes accountability for their role in a scandal.

The media joins in the frenzy

Amidst all of their other issues, celebrities must also contend with media outlets that love to report gossip. It’s important to remember that they’re not objective observers, and that every action is likely to be reported in an unfavorable light (no matter how insignificant it might seem).

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The end

Scandals, if they are to be made and not happen by accident, must be properly constructed. This can be done through building media interest through carefully placed leaks and comments or by provoking an upset in an already public figure that will turn into a media frenzy. Such was the case with Sienna Miller as James’s Wife and Tom Cleary.

Anatomy of a Scandal - Jamess wife Sophie Whitehouse
Anatomy of a Scandal – James’s wife Sophie Whitehouse

Her name is Sienna Miller

A brunette who, according to Wikipedia, is also an actress. There was some hoo-ha over her being cast as ‘James’s wife’ in The Golden Compass, a role that was originally written as blonde and Swedish. Sienna Miller is not blonde or Swedish (she’s English), but she wears big brown eyes well and has that perfect bob that makes her look like anything but your average working-class lass.

How she looks – her style

Sienna Miller was originally cast as James’s wife, Sophie. Filming for her scenes took place at Esher Place, in Surrey. But when Martin Amis wrote an introduction to director Richard Eyre’s book The Last Englishman, which included some disparaging remarks about Sienna, she told Eyre that she wouldn’t work with him again unless he apologized to her publicly. She also threatened to go public with details about their personal relationship.

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Her role – what she does in the movie

In Anatomy of a Scandal, Sienna Miller plays Sophie Whitehouse, an ambitious politician’s wife who has an affair with her husband’s friend. Her role in James’s life is crucial to both his public and private life: she is what enables him to be his full self with work colleagues, friends and political party members. She enables him to lead as he wants without compromising himself by presenting him as someone else’s creation; without her he would have nowhere to rest.

Did you get it? – closing thoughts on Anatomy of a Scandal

When you read it, you realize that Hargreaves knows exactly what he’s doing. The players are in place, he writes in his endnotes, and now all they need is a script. The same could be said for Anatomy of a Scandal; if there were any lingering doubts that Will is actually Elliott and Anna Karenina is his Kitty (instead of Katy/Sophie), those doubts disappear by Anatomy’s closing pages.

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