Amon, the character Bodhi Sabongui plays in the film Black Adam, isn’t your typical superhero movie bad guy. Sure, he has some of the usual traits — motivations that drive him to do bad things, and quite possibly an evil lair or two — but one thing that’s very different about him is his (relatively) true-to-life origin story. Amon, Black Adam: The villainous origins of Bodhi Sabongui’s character

Who is Amon?

Amon is the main antagonist of the film Black Adam. He is a powerful sorcerer who was once a close friend and advisor to the titular character. However, he was betrayed by Black Adam and has since dedicated his life to exacting revenge. He is played by Bodhi Sabongui.

Bodhi Sabongui is a Canadian actor and martial artist best known for his roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Altered Carbon. He also starred in NBC’s Chicago Med.

In an interview with ComicBookNow at C2E2 2019, Sabongui explained that he had been preparing for the role of Amon by reading about some powerful people in history such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler.

Amon, Black Adam: The villainous origins of Bodhi Sabongui's character
Amon, Black Adam: The villainous origins of Bodhi Sabongui’s character

What Happened to Him?

In the film, Amon is a powerful sorcerer and the right-hand man of Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson). He is killed by Black Adam after he betrays him. However, in the comics, Amon is a much more complicated character. He was once a member of the Justice Society of America and was even romantically involved with Hawkgirl. However, he eventually turned to evil and became one of Black Adam’s most trusted allies. He also tried to take over the world by creating an army of monsters but was defeated by Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel. He returned in The Final Night storyline where he joins forces with Ra’s al Ghul and tries to destroy humanity using giant insects called giant bugs.

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Who Is Bodhi Sabongui?

Bodhi Sabongui is a Canadian actor, writer, and director. He is best known for his work on the television series Lost Girl and the films district 9 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Sabongui was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is of mixed race; his father is black and his mother is white. Sabongui was raised by his single mother, who immigrated to Canada from Malaysia when she was 19 years old. Growing up he had little exposure to black culture and did not have many African-American friends. In high school he felt like an outsider because he didn’t fit into any particular group . When he found acting, it changed his life and gave him a sense of belonging. The more I acted, the more I realized how much being different made me special, Sabongui said in an interview with Bustle. When you’re in this industry as long as I’ve been…You’ll realize that all those differences are actually really cool.

Amon, Black Adam: The villainous origins of Bodhi Sabongui's character
Amon, Black Adam: The villainous origins of Bodhi Sabongui’s character

How Does He Fit In?

In the comics, Amon is an Egyptian prince who was betrayed and mummified alive. In the film, he is a slave who was given superpowers by the wizard Shazam. He is played by Bodhi Sabongui. Sabongui is not only new to acting but also new to social media (he doesn’t have any accounts). It’s no surprise that his portrayal of Amon has garnered much attention from audiences across the world. His debut in a pivotal scene in the film earned him raving reviews and some critics are even calling for him to get nominated for Best Supporting Actor at next year’s Academy Awards. I never thought I would be as nervous or as excited as I am, says Sabongui about his introduction on screen. It felt like something you dream about when you’re little.

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Why Is This Important?

Bodhi Sabongui’s portrayal of Amon in the film Black Adam is important because it shows the character’s backstory and how he became a villain. It is also a good example of how an actor can bring a comic book character to life on the big screen. Additionally, this film provides an insight into the mind of a villain and what motivates them to do evil deeds. For instance, Amon desires power that only one other person has access to. He wants to be respected by his people, but feels as though they are doing nothing with their lives and don’t deserve respect from him or anyone else. Amon believes that the ancient gods (who now live on Earth) would never grant him the kind of power he seeks if he were not god-like himself. Amon constantly clashes with Superman, who is revered by humans for saving them countless times.

He despises Superman for being perfect while all of humanity struggles with injustice and poverty every day. After much contemplation, Amon decides to kill everyone except those living in his city; where everything will happen under his rule and no one will suffer any more than they already have.

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