In the series Grand Hotel Alma Quintana Solares, played by Mexican actress Maite Perroni portrays the character of an intelligent and virtuous young lady who will do anything to ensure that her family is taken care of first and foremost, even at the expense of her own happiness. Alma Quintana Solares Keeping it to herself

Why do people cheat?

It’s a question that sparks disagreement from experts and couples alike. According to studies conducted by both Psychology Today and Business Insider, infidelity is largely found in men. This doesn’t mean women aren’t unfaithful; it just means that men are more likely than women to have sexual relations with someone other than their partner—or their spouse. So what are some common causes for infidelity?

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Extramarital affairs don’t mean you’re unloyal

Affairs don’t always have a clear-cut victim. While sometimes one partner is seen as more guilty or wronged, that isn’t always true. No matter what you may think, you can love and care for your spouse and also desire or love someone else in a romantic way. Often, extramarital affairs begin because both parties feel unhappy with their relationship and want something more fulfilling.

Staying emotionally available

Many women fear being labeled as a whore if they have an affair. They believe that society will be more accepting of a man having an affair than a woman. This is simply not true. Don’t allow your insecurities to block you from experiencing your own happiness by holding on to a toxic relationship. If you want something—someone—then it’s worth risking losing everything for them. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your personal life!

Alma Quintana Solares Keeping it to herself
Alma Quintana Solares Keeping it to herself

The right man won’t be threatened by your success

Whether you’re currently dating someone or not, keeping a healthy relationship with your partner means prioritizing him and paying attention to his feelings as well. A supportive and caring boyfriend will be happy for your achievements, no matter how big or small. If your man is threatened by your success (or just doesn’t appreciate all of it), then he’s probably not a keeper.

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A loving relationship is about compromise

You spend a lot of time and energy making sure you and your partner are on good terms. The most important thing about love is knowing when not to say anything. Let’s look at Maite Perroni as Alma Quintana Solares, a former lawyer and college professor who begins an affair with Darío behind her family’s back. I remember my first affair…I was so excited to tell everyone about it! Little did I know that she was my father’s colleague! Ouch!

How to deal with jealousy when your partner has an affair

Jealousy is a sign that something’s not right in your relationship. If you’re feeling jealous and worried, consider whether there are issues you need to resolve. Examine where your jealousy stems from and why you feel threatened by your partner’s indiscretion. It might also help to remember that having an affair doesn’t always mean a person wants to leave their relationship; rather, they may be looking for intimacy outside of their primary relationship. Are you giving them enough attention?

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