When Alma was in high school, she met Darío at the auto shop where he worked part-time and they instantly clicked. Although they were both young, they decided to start dating and they became inseparable until Alma graduated and went off to college far away from home. They tried to maintain the relationship long distance, but eventually it fizzled out after several months apart. This year, Alma is back in her hometown because she decided to study there, and she’s been excitedly telling her old friends all about her new college courses. Alma and her Hot Mechanic Student

The Chemistry Between Them

It’s not love at first sight for Alma and Darío, but instead a slow burn. Alma sees how sweet he is with her students in class, while he sees something else: how supportive she is of them. They’re both intrigued by each other from afar until one night Darío has to fix a problem on a car in front of Alma’s house—and when she recognizes him as one of her students, things get very interesting between them.

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He’s Not Her Typical Type

Alma normally prefers clean-cut guys in buttoned-up shirts, but then again she hasn’t really dated anyone since she got divorced. She might be ready to break out of her shell and find someone who could make her feel things she hasn’t felt in a long time. It’s always interesting to see a woman enter into new territory with regard to romance!

She Starts Anew

Alma’s life is turned upside down when she meets Darío Guerra, a smart and charming college student who catches her eye. As Darío makes Alma his love interest, she is torn between a rocky relationship with Rodrigo and true love.

Alma and her Hot Mechanic Student
Alma and her Hot Mechanic Student

Two People From Different Worlds

Alma and Darío are completely different people. She’s an art student who comes from a wealthy family, while he’s a blue-collar mechanic who loves working with his hands.

The Physical Connection

As we get older, our body changes. While there is nothing wrong with aging, many of us fear looking older or being seen as being old. As a result, we use creams and lotions to maintain a youthful look, but it’s important to remember that your skin does have needs regardless of age—it still needs to breathe! Here are some tips for keeping your skin healthy as you get older

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The Awkward Interactions

Many men don’t know how to flirt with a woman. It can lead to a few embarrassing moments. Take Darío, for example, in Univision’s hit telenovela Amores Verdaderos, or True Love. During class one day, he purposefully parks himself next to Alma (Yadhira Carrillo), with hopes of striking up conversation—but only manages to scare her off!

The Dinner Date

Show up on time, early even. Dress nicely but not too formally – you don’t want to look like you put more effort into your outfit than she did. You could even try dressing a little more casually than you normally would. It’s probably wise to take your own car in case she doesn’t feel like going out after dinner; if that happens, make sure to offer her a ride home, as it will give you an opportunity to get closer with your date.

Sex Under the Stars

Many mechanics, like Alejandro Dario Guerra (Speitzer), find themselves falling in love with their professor or professor’s daughter. While not always a good idea, it can be a lot of fun – especially under starry skies. Here are some tips to ensure that your professor/mechanic tryst goes smoothly

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Love Is In The Air?

A mechanic can make or break a car. But what does it take to make or break a relationship? Alma seems to think Darío Guerra, a student of hers with a knack for fixing cars, could be that special someone…if only he could get his damn act together. The guy is either falling asleep in class, making up excuses to avoid dates, or otherwise doing his best impression of Thomas Jefferson while they’re on their way out.

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