A celebrity with the ability to control minds and bend reality with the phrase I heard a rumor…, Allison Hargreeves of The Umbrella Academy has the powers of mind control and reality bending, but not even she can control her own gossip and rumors when she first arrives at the academy. She’s also the third of seven siblings in her family, which leads her to join The Rumor – one of three subgroups within The Umbrella Academy (also known as The Umbrella Academy – Apocalypse Suite). Keep reading to learn more about Allison Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy series! Allison Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academy’s Rumor and Reality-Bender

A brief history of Allison Hargreeves

Although Number Three isn’t technically one of the seven main characters, Emmy Raver-Lampman makes her presence known right off with a spectacularly self-assured and commanding performance. For those who haven’t been introduced to Allison yet, she might seem like just another spoiled rich girl that we’re meant to hate. But there is so much more than meets (or blinks) your eye when it comes to Allison—even without knowing her superpowers. … [I]t would be foolish to discount any of these characters based on first impressions. I’m going to guess that Emmy Raver-Lampman will have some incredible acting challenges ahead of her as Allison continues to develop.

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Why is she so secretive?

If you’ve watched The Umbrella Academy, you know Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) was born with a mysterious darkness inside her—the side effect of a failed experiment. She grows up in isolation as one of seven people who have strange powers no one else can control. After she escapes, she vows to protect them at all costs, taking on a celebrity persona named The Rumor. In reality,

Allison Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academys Rumor and Reality-Bender
Allison Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academy’s Rumor and Reality-Bender

she lives in fear that her powers will flare up again and hurt someone else. As we learn more about Allison on screen, Raver-Lampman tells Zap2it there are many parts of her character that won’t be explored until later seasons—including why exactly she wears gloves all day long.

Rumors about her identity

While the official title for Allison is still The Rumor, she does have an identity of her own that has been hinted at since the beginning of season one. In the show’s pilot episode, The Monocle says to Luther (Tom Hopper), You’re going to break her heart, kid. That is a bad, bad idea… I mean do you want your father to die? In the same scene, Luther responds with a noncommittal Maybe. Later in episode two titled I Heard You Paint Houses, Allison claims she is not The Rumor when Luther asks her if she hears rumors too.

Her actual skills

Number Three was born with a pair of extra brain cells that granted her an ability to create a psychic suggestion for anyone she met, so long as she could see them. Though she could use her power on almost anyone, her mind control effects became most powerful when used on family members due to familiarity (which is why Vanya and Luther are always suggesting that Grace stay away from home). Because of these brain cells in particular, when Number Three was killed by Seamus Hargreeves, Vanya inherited Number Three’s psychic abilities — only without any ill effects.[15] Before her death, Number Two took steps to protect Allison/Number Three after her death by having Oliver kill Vanya in order to trigger creation of Number Five.

Allison Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academys Rumor and Reality-Bender
Allison Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academy’s Rumor and Reality-Bender

What happened to her husband?

All we know is that he was never a part of her life again. All we know is that he left right before she discovered she was pregnant with their child. He clearly had been unfaithful, though — because when Allison took some DNA tests to find out who little Vanya’s father really was, she got a shock … it wasn’t Thomas! But who could it have been? Is there any chance it could have been Oscar’s father? So far, there are zero clues as to whom Vanya’s biological father is … but if I were to put my own detective hat on (as we do for all of our articles) I would say that Vanya looks almost like no one else in her family except for Gabriel.

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The real story behind the reports that she committed suicide

Allison seems to be a woman haunted by depression. Not only was she concerned about being able to return home after she left for boarding school, but she also became involved in a mental institution as her family attempted to help her overcome her feelings of anxiety and panic. She accidentally killed herself while attempting self-harm, leading to rumors that she committed suicide. In truth, Allison didn’t have control over reality in any regard until after she died…but now that we know how much pain she was in while alive, it seems fitting that there are stories of her powers after death too.

Who plays Allison Hargreeves Season 2?

In Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, who plays Allison Hargreeves? There are several actresses who portray different versions of Allison over time, starting in Season 1. But Emmy Raver-Lampman, who plays Allison in Season 2, is playing a grown-up version of Allison when we first meet her. Read on to learn more about Emmy Raver-Lampman and how she landed a role in The Umbrella Academy as one of seven siblings with superpowers.

Allison Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academys Rumor and Reality-Bender
Allison Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academy’s Rumor and Reality-Bender

Is Emmy Raver-Lampman biracial?

After Emmy Raver-Lampman was cast in a leading role on Netflix’s new series, The Umbrella Academy, fans couldn’t help but ask about her racial identity. In an interview with E! News, Raver-Lampman revealed that she is biracial. Her mother is Japanese, while her father is African American. She also said that in preparation for her role as Allison Hargreeves / Number Three / The Rumor, she drew from personal experience to portray her character’s struggle of being bi-racial in society. She told E!

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Who is Daveed Diggs wife?

Daveed Diggs is an American actor, rapper, singer, and rapper. He is best known for his roles as Thomas Jefferson in both parts of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical Hamilton. He also has a recurring role as Nathaniel Cal Royster in the HBO series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This series ended in April 2017 after four seasons.

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