The romantic comedy-science fiction film Space Oddity tells the story of Alex, a man who makes the decision to leave everything behind and embark on a one-way trip to Mars. The film is about a man named Alex. As he leaves on this unsure excursion, Alex is confronted with a tough choice; Do you think he will go after his goals and take a chance by exploring the stars, or do you think he will stay on Earth with the possibility of finding love? Come along with us as we learn about Alex’s life and how he ultimately decides to make the most important decision of his life. Alex From ‘Space Oddity’ Decides To Leave It All Behind For A One-Way Mission To Mars

What prompted Alex to leave?

A deep desire to escape the routine of his daily life was the driving force behind Alex’s decision to embark on a one-way trip to Mars. Feeling caught in an endless pattern of work and commitments, he was frantic to find something that could give his life meaning. He wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself, and in this case, it was a mission to the red planet that was out of this world. In leaving for Mars, he was likewise searching for a method for breaking liberated from the assumptions and tensions of society, choosing another experience as opposed to following a way spread out by others. As he accepted the unknown and the possibility of something new, Alex’s journey represented a liberating experience.

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What changed as a result of an unanticipated romance?

Alex was determined to travel alone when he made the decision to leave Earth and take a one-way trip to Mars. But during a layover on a flight, he meets a woman by the name of Molly, and the two of them begin to fall in love. This sentiment rapidly changes Alex’s point of view toward his excursion and powers him to choose remaining on The planet and chasing after a relationship with Molly or satisfying his fantasy about going to space.

Alex is forced to choose between his two passions—space exploration and being with Molly—when the new romance makes his decision more difficult. However it is troublesome, Alex ultimately settles on the choice to remain on The planet and seek after his new relationship. Even if it does fulfill his dreams, he is aware that he will not be able to bear the isolation of a solo mission to Mars, no matter how difficult it is for him. He decides that having a life on Earth with Molly will ultimately bring him more happiness than any journey could.

Alex From 'Space Oddity' Decides To Leave It All Behind For A One-Way Mission To Mars
Alex From ‘Space Oddity’ Decides To Leave It All Behind For A One-Way Mission To Mars

Which choice was made in the end?

Alex ultimately decides to remain on Earth. He eventually comes to the conclusion that he values love more than a perilous journey to the stars, despite his aspiration to venture into space. He makes the difficult choice to abandon his goals and remain on Earth with his new love. It is a bittersweet conclusion as he embraces his new life and mourns the life he nearly abandoned. The story of Alex serves as a reminder that it’s sometimes worth taking a chance on love rather than pursuing your goals.

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