Can you think of anyone else on the planet who has been training in martial arts for more than 40 years? Alessandro Babalola isn’t just any martial artist, though – he’s the president of the Australian Kung Fu Federation and an actor in films such as The Bank Job, Snakes on a Plane, Wrath of Man and Kill Me Three Times. Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man

Pop Culture

Stuart (Alessandro Babalola) is a guard for Fortico, and he’s one of the good guys. He’s not afraid to take on the bad guys, and he’s got the skills to back it up. He’s quick, he’s strong, and he knows how to fight. Stuart is the kind of guy you want on your side when the chips are down. And lucky for us, he is!

Theatrical Impact

Stuart (Alessandro Babalola) is a security guard for Fortico, and he’s not someone you want to mess with. He’s big, he’s strong, and he’s got a temper. In the film Wrath of Man, Stuart is put to the test when he has to deal with some very dangerous criminals. And he does not disappoint. He takes them down with ease, and it’s clear that he’s a force to be reckoned with. However, this isn’t just any old thug on the street. These guys are highly trained assassins who have nothing left to lose. But Stuart fights hard, and he doesn’t back down even as they start to take out his team one by one.

Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man
Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man


Stuart’s uniform is practical and functional, with a few personal touches that make him stand out from the other guards. His black shirt is tucked into his pants, and he wears a black belt with a silver buckle. His black boots are scuffed and well-worn, but they’re still polished enough to show that he takes pride in his appearance. Stuart’s most distinguishing feature is his red scarf, which he wears wrapped around his neck. He also has tattoos on both arms; one depicts a roaring lion head, while the other shows an eagle clutching a scroll. Both tattoos are probably related to his military service before coming to Fortico as an ex-soldier looking for work as security guard.

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Hair and Makeup

I loved Alessandro Babalola’s look in Wrath of Man. His hair was styled in a way that made him look both tough and sexy, and his makeup enhanced his features perfectly. He looked like he could take on anyone and come out victorious. I definitely wouldn’t want to mess with him! I love the costume design in this film as well. The weapons were so cool, it’s clear that these guys know how to fight. The elaborate costuming also highlighted the importance of this battle they were fighting, which made me even more excited for what came next.

Overall Production Value

The production value for Wrath of Man is excellent. The acting, directing, and cinematography are all top-notch. The film’s story is both harrowing and exciting, with plenty of twists and turns to keep audiences engaged. And, most importantly, the film features Alessandro Babalola as Stuart, a Fortico guard who is absolutely badass.

Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man
Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man

Alessandro Babalola Age

He’s only 22, but Alessandro Babalola has already made a name for himself as an action star. He first gained attention for his role as Stuart, a security guard with a special set of skills, in the Guy Ritchie film Wrath of Man. Babalola is quickly becoming known for his ability to convincingly portray characters who are both physically and emotionally tough. I really enjoy playing those characters that I feel like I can’t play, he says. It makes me want to do it even more.

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Alessandro Babalola net worth

Alessandro Babalola is a name you might not be familiar with, but he’s about to blow up. The British actor of Nigerian descent stars alongside Jason Statham in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film Wrath of Man. And he is absolutely badass. In the trailer for the film, Stuart aka Babalola takes on four guards and emerges victorious by the end. It’s easy to see why Ritchie picked him for the role: His towering height and scarred face make him an imposing presence on screen.

Alessandro Babalola height

Alessandro Babalola is 6’3, making him tower over most people. He’s also extremely muscular, which makes him look even more intimidating. And if his physical appearance wasn’t enough to make you take notice, his performance as Stuart in Wrath of Man is sure to do the trick. He’s absolutely badass in the film, and he completely steals every scene he’s in. If you’re not already a fan of Alessandro Babalola, you will be after watching Wrath of Man.

Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man
Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man

Alessandro Babalola Wife

Alessandro Babalola is one of the stars of the new Guy Ritchie movie, Wrath of Man. In the film, he plays Stuart, a security guard for Fortico. Babalola is no stranger to badassery, having starred in such films as The Purge: Anarchy and The Expendables 3. He’s also married to actress Olga Kurylenko, who you may know from Quantum of Solace or Oblivion. They have two children together.

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Alessandro Babalola Wikipedia

Alessandro Babalola is an English actor who is known for his role as Stuart, a security guard, in the Guy Ritchie film Wrath of Man. He has also appeared in television series such as The Bill and Misfits. Alessandro was born in London to Nigerian parents. He began his acting career in 2006 with a small role in the film Kidulthood. Since then, he has appeared in numerous films and television shows. His most recent credits include the 2008 film Disco Pigs, the 2009 drama series Mistresses on BBC One and new episodes of Skins on Channel 4. In 2010, he played Ben Haggerty in Channel 4’s controversial drama Top Boy.

In 2011, he starred alongside Vincent Regan in Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter

in 2012 played Louis Viatteau alongside John Simm and Lara Pulver in Strike Back: Vengeance

Alessandro Babalola Top Boy

Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man
Alessandro Babalola is a Badass in Wrath of Man

I was so excited to see Alessandro Babalola in the new Guy Ritchie movie, Wrath of Man. He did not disappoint! He played Stuart, a Fortico guard, and he was absolutely badass. He was tough, confident, and totally in control. I loved watching him on screen. He is definitely one of my new favorite actors. His voice is also perfect for action movies like this. It’s deep, masculine, and authoritative.

 It’s also great that we got to see a little bit of his Nigerian roots as well. His accent mixed with English made for some awesome dialogue that enhanced the character even more. And it’s always great when you get to hear an actor from Africa speak on the big screen because it makes Hollywood feel inclusive instead of exclusive (as they often are).

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