Airtel has crossed 8 lakh subscribers with the addition of 2 lakhs subscribers in the last month, according to data from TRAI. The number of Airtel Extreme paid subscribers has crossed 20 lakh with the addition of 12 lakh subscribers in the last one year, while the number of Airtel Free users has risen to 75 lakh, up from 54 lakh one year ago. The average monthly data consumption on Airtel’s 4G network has reached 1 TB per user over this period, which can be attributed to more devices being added to users’ mobile connection plans and faster 4G speeds. Airtel Extreme smashes through 8 lakh subscriber mark!

Airtel announces Airtel Extreme

A new evolution in entertainment and communication. Airtel has been one of India’s leading providers of Telecom services, revolutionizing how people communicate with each other by providing customers with affordable Internet services. Following its success, Airtel launched its app-based service called Airtel TV. But a lot of users complained that they could not access some video content while on-the-go because they were using mobile data and mobile data charges were expensive. A solution was needed…and it came in form of Airtel extreme—an innovative service based on Hybrid technology combining Mobile data connection along with Wi-Fi connectivity for unlimited entertainment on your Smartphone for as low as Rs 2499/- per month.

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Airtel launches ‘Airetel Extreme’ with four months of free unlimited 4G data

Airetel Extreme is designed to meet high data consumption requirements of a user by offering data at four times faster speeds than 4G. The user will get access to unlimited 4G data for four months. Airtel is also offering two additional free months for users who refer Airetel extreme to their friends and family. Starting from Rs 699, customers can choose between two plans: Rs 699 recharge pack that offers free voice calls and three gigabytes of mobile internet per day for 28 days; Rs 999 pack that offers free voice calls and seven gigabytes of mobile internet per day for 56 days.

Airtel Extreme smashes through 8 lakh subscriber mark!
Airtel Extreme smashes through 8 lakh subscriber mark!

Airtel launches ‘Airetel Extreme’ in Chennai

Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel, in a press release has announced that on successful trials over a period of more than two months, the company is now rolling out ‘Airetel Extreme’ – India’s first end-to-end 4G Plus (LTE Advanced) video calling service in Chennai. The company plans to roll out Airetel Extreme services across key metros and top 20 non-metro cities pan India in six months. Gopal Vittal said: Our focus on 4G coverage and capacity expansion has ensured that Airtel is one of India’s leading mobile broadband providers.

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New scheme from Airtel: Unlimited high speed internet at Rs 1,999

Reliance Jio has given upstart telecom operator Reliance Communications a run for its money. The Mukesh Ambani-led telco’s 4G LTE services have been welcomed by consumers who are looking to upgrade from their 2G connections in areas where 4G is available. Jio’s rivals, however, have not sat idle while Jio shook up India’s telecom sector. While Vodafone India and Idea Cellular tried to match some of Jio’s offers and expand their own offerings (4G data on select plans for as low as Rs 45), others such as Airtel and BSNL went in an entirely different direction by combining old technology with new.

What is the real value for your money?

Airtel has for years remained in a dominant position when it comes to telecom data plans and with Airtel Extreme, it seems to be making sure that subscribers are aware of its dominance as well. While there is no doubt that Airtel remains one of India’s best data providers, it must also be noted that Airtel Extreme is one of India’s most expensive data plans. At Rs 999 per month, it costs three times more than many of its competitors who offer similar benefits. And yet, there are customers who stick to Airtel because their network provides them with just what they need – but at a price which makes sense. Only you can decide whether you think Airtel’s most premium plan offers value for money or not.

Airtel Extreme smashes through 8 lakh subscriber mark!
Airtel Extreme smashes through 8 lakh subscriber mark!

Is there anyone who isn’t worried about how much data they’re using?

Now, with so many of us trying to squeeze all we can out of our data plans, it’s hard to worry about your phone’s data consumption and not feel paranoid. Well you don’t have to be. Airtel’s new product ‘Extreme’ helps you use WhatsApp without worrying about overusing it. To do that, BSNL (that’s who runs Airtel in India) has bundled all your data into a single pack where 1GB is counted as 40 minutes of conversation time on WhatsApp and other related apps like Viber and Line also use some amounts of data.

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Is there a cheaper alternative to Jio and Reliance’s ‘free’ plans?

Reliance Jio and Airtel’s free plans have made headlines for their ‘unlimited’ data. However, a popular hidden catch that no one talks about is how much you’re actually allowed to use per day. Jio has been more upfront in declaring their data usage limit — around 4GB per day (i.e. around 42GB per month). But Airtel’s ‘free’ plan has some serious caveats — subscribers are only allowed unlimited data till they’ve downloaded just 1GB of data each day. Once they cross that limit, they’ll be charged with an additional charge of Rs 250/ GB till next billing cycle. So if you want unlimited high-speed data, then you’ll need to download an average of 2-3GB every single day.

Will you pay Rs 999 for 3 GB on this plan by Bharti Airtel?

The company claims that users can make unlimited calls to other Airtel numbers across India and enjoy free incoming calls. Additionally, you’ll also get 3 GB of 4G data at high speeds and access to Airtel’s Wynk Music app – all for Rs 999. What do you think? Will you shell out Rs 999 for these benefits on a mobile plan?

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