Aidan Macallan has been an important part of many seasons of Chicago Fire, but he finally decided it was time to make his big move and leave the Windy City behind for some work in California. Unfortunately, the show hasn’t made it easy to keep up with his character since then, so I’ve put together this guide on what to expect from him in season 5 of Chicago Fire, and what the future might hold for one of the most complex characters in this ensemble cast of characters. There are spoilers ahead though, so read at your own risk! Aidan Macallan’s Big Move

The Life Before

As a data scientist and NSA contractor, Aidan has spent his life searching for patterns in just about anything he can get his hands on. Whether that’s online searches or private sector hacks, if there’s an algorithm to be found, Aidan is all over it.

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Moving On

As viewers know, Aidan found out in season 4 that LeAnn was sleeping with his best friend and business partner Toby, who also happens to be her ex-husband. As a result of their betrayal, Aidan went ahead and slept with Chloe. And now that season 5 is underway, Aidan has packed up his desk at work after managing to secure a new job with an energy company that paid him quite handsomely.

Aidan Macallan's Big Move
Aidan Macallan’s Big Move

Starting Over

Like LeAnn, Aidan is moving on from Dunder Mifflin. But unlike her return to Scranton, he’s leaving for Silicon Valley. While it’s hard to see a character we’ve gotten to know and love for so long go away—especially since Aidan had become a major character in recent seasons—it makes sense that, when your friend has been offered an opportunity at Google or Facebook, you don’t try to talk them out of it.

The New Beginning

With a big move comes new opportunities, and that’s exactly what Aidan Macallan has in mind. He’s returning to Chicago after a stint working as an NSA contractor in Baltimore. And while Aidan might not be a permanent member of The Good Wife crew just yet, it looks like he’ll be sticking around for awhile.

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