Ashram, the latest web series from Prakash Jha Productions, has received mixed reviews so far. With just one episode out, it’s too early to draw any concrete conclusions about the web series’ overall quality and success. Regardless of how Ashram performs from an audience standpoint, however, there is little denying that it’s Prakash Jha’s best work since Yatra (2007). Aashram Review: Prakash Jha’s Web Series is a Masterpiece

Intro to the story

Aashram tells us about an ordinary middle-class family whose son goes missing while they are on a holiday in Goa. The story revolves around how they deal with that and follow up with it. At first, they file a missing report but then some of their son’s friends tell them that he went to an ashram in Goan hills where he was welcomed by an old man called Shubra Agrawal (Bobby Deol). At first, Raghav (Darshan Kumar) doesn’t believe his friends but later agrees to check out after his brother’s girlfriend creates suspicion between him and his parents because she too thinks her boyfriend could be there.

Bobby Deol Play Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala / Monty Singh

Bobby Deol has been at his best in some films and then also he has given many disappointing performances. In Aashram, he has done great with his powerful and intense performance as Guruji. You will surely love Bobby’s extraordinary acting skills in all episodes of Aashram. He has really worked hard to get into his character and you can see that in each episode of Aashram.

Chandan Roy Sanyal Play Bhopa Bhai/Bhopa Swami/Bhupendra Singh

Chandan Roy Sanyal will essay three different characters in Aashram. Chandan had become synonymous with web series after Bittoo Boss that was aired on Voot. Chandan’s previous performances were widely appreciated by all and therefore, it was no surprise when he won millions of hearts with his role as Bhai in Netflix’s Sacred Games. He played Guruji in Aangan as well, which showed how versatile an actor he is. Chandan also has a major part to play in Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero where he plays Rakesh Maria who handed over a list of names to SRK’s character Chatur Ramalingam aka Zero.

Aashram Review: Prakash Jhas Web Series is a Masterpiece
Aashram Review: Prakash Jha’s Web Series is a Masterpiece

Esha Gupta as Sonia, Hukum singh’s Beau and international brand building expert

Aaditi Pohankar as Parminder aka Pammi

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Season 1 , 2 And 3

It’s one of those rare web series that will keep you hooked. The way people speak, act and their mannerisms make it seem like you are watching a Bollywood film set in Kolkata. The series has all the elements to keep you glued to your TV screen. Watch it on MX!

Screenplay and direction

The plot revolves around two lawyers, Aakash (Bobby Deol) and Aaditi (Aaditi Pohankar). While Aakash has returned to India from London with his wife Mita after his father was diagnosed with cancer. He wants to settle down in India and help clean up corruption and organised crime there, inspired by his role model, Jagat Bose. Aditii, on her part, wants to become an advocate to fulfill her father’s dream. They meet when she lands in jail for alleged involvement in a bribery case involving Mantralaya politicians and cops but turns out that it was she who had unearthed the truth about them.

Acting performances

Bobby Deol and Aaditi Pohankar give astounding performances in Aashram. The supporting cast of Darshan Kumar, Anurag Sharma, Satyendra Kapoor are also brilliant. But, Bobby Deol and Aaditi Pohankar leave you awestruck with their stellar performance. Bobby Deol as Ullas Swami has portrayed his character brilliantly. His every move and expression have been fantastic. Aaditi was amazing as Radhika Swami and her performance deserves an applause! She will be remembered for her iconic act in Aashram!

Other technical elements

If you want to enjoy and experience web series in its true sense, then MX Player gives you that kind of immersive experience. The app works like a streaming app but it can also play videos offline too. You can even download videos for offline viewing or for sharing with your friends and family. The special thing about MX Player is that it can work without any internet connection as well! Isn’t that an awesome feature? So you do not have to worry if there are some unplanned interruptions in your internet connectivity while watching your favorite web series on MX Player. Since MX Player creates extra emphasis on security, it doesn’t store your downloaded files on their servers which means no one else has access to them except you. Isn’t that fantastic?

Aashram Review: Prakash Jhas Web Series is a Masterpiece
Aashram Review: Prakash Jha’s Web Series is a Masterpiece

The Director Knows How to Get the Best Out of His Actors

Aashram is a Hindi-language crime drama web series directed by Prakash Jha for MX Player original. It is produced by Prakash Jha under Prakash Jha Productions. The series stars Bobby Deol along with Aaditi Pohankar, Darshan Kumar, and Yami Gautam in lead roles. Written by Sachin Bhowmick, Amritaray Khanna and Sandeep Srivastava, and S. Ali Raza, it explores topics like corruption, dishonesty and insensitivity towards women (domestic violence) on one hand while narrating an intense tale of revenge on other hand. The protagonist suffers an injustice which sets off his journey of revenge.

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This might be one of the finest performances from Aaditi Pohankar

There are actors who live by their costumes, and then there are those who deliver their lines with such conviction that all you can think about are their words. Aaditi Pohankar excels at both in Ashram, which is what makes her performance as Aarti all-encompassing. Aarti Verma may not be your favourite character in Aashram, but I would bet that she’s one of your favourite characters on television right now – and that’s precisely because of Aaditi. In every scene, she dominates; when she’s supposed to be angry, sad or frustrated, her facial expressions do all the talking for her.

Bobby Deol shows why he is such an underrated actor

Prakash Jha has delivered again with his web series. Despite sharing screen space with actors such as Aaditi Pohankar and Darshan Kumar, Bobby Deol shines in Aashram he wrote in a review on Firstpost. He praised all of them but was left stunned after seeing Deol’s acting in the series. When it comes to acting, I thought most of these actors would be overshadowed by Bobby who had an amazing screen presence, he said.

Darshan Kumar Makes us Root for Him

It’s easy to assume that Aashram revolves around Bobby Deol, especially because he is its main star. However, it soon becomes evident that Darshan Kumar’s portrayal of Munna Gautam has just as much screen presence. This multi-layered character takes you through an emotional journey of loyalty and betrayal. The contrast between his calm demeanor and Munna’s rage simmers throughout the series. Although it never quite boils over, watching him grapple with these conflicting emotions makes for riveting television. At times he comes across as more heroic than Bobby Deol’s cop Bharat Sharma. While there are moments when his character seems too flawed to root for, overall he portrays every emotion with consummate skill.

Aashram Review: Prakash Jhas Web Series is a Masterpiece
Aashram Review: Prakash Jha’s Web Series is a Masterpiece

Watch This If you Like Crime Thrillers

I hadn’t heard of Prakash Jha before I watched Aashram, his new web series for Original. But after completing it, I definitely plan to watch more of his work—especially considering Aashram happens to be one of the best crime thrillers I’ve seen in recent years. The story takes place at present day but draws its inspiration from an infamous case that shook northern India over 20 years ago: 16 children were kidnapped and killed while they were on their way home from school. A special task force was created by then-Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao (Naseeruddin Shah) to solve these crimes, but all nine accused men walked free in 1998—and few answers have been found since then.

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Is Aashram based on true story?

The series was inspired by true events. It is based on an incident that happened at Dehradun’s Laxman Jhula in September 2008. The story centers around Sushil Chauhan (Bobby Deol), who gets caught up in a terrorist attack on Laxman Jhula. He manages to save lives during the attack, but his wife and son get killed in it. This drives him to become Aashram (Rajeshwari Sachdev), a vigilante with no boundaries or morals, who brings terrorists to justice.

How many seasons of Aashram?

Just one season with 10 episodes. And they are really, really long—the first few installments clock in around 100 minutes and all of them are over an hour. So be prepared to invest time; it’s worth it. From start to finish, Aashram makes for edge-of-your-seat viewing. It opens with a driver (Saransh Sharma) being chased by police officers at night, who eventually kill him and take off with his body (you’ll know why soon enough). The next morning we find an unhurt driver in possession of that very car driven by that man hours earlier and comes face to face with two men who were also present when said chase took place.

Where to watch Aashram season 3?

To watch Aashram Season 3, you’ll have to wait for its release date. The series has been creating quite an impression with each passing episode in its second season. Since we’ve seen many web series getting adapted into shows on TV and Netflix, we’re hopeful that Aashram will make it to television soon as well. As soon as there’s an update on that front, you can expect us to report it here on MX!

What is Aashram story?

‘Prakash Jha’ who had created an unbelievable blockbuster movie like ‘Rajneeti’, directed by AASHRAM which is based on politics, crime and all that stuff. As we all know about Prakash Jhas work, he always has something different in his movies, be it Rajneeti or Chakravyuh. We would call it as master piece. Same was in case of AASHRAM. It has very realistic story based on Politics, Crime and all that stuff where we see 2 families (which I don’t want to mention their names). Show goes through ups and downs of life but every character which shown were never seen before which makes it unique.

Is Aashram worth watching?

Aashram stands out from its contemporaries for four reasons. First, it has strong acting performances. Bobby Deol has delivered one of his best performances yet, and so have Aditi Pohankar and Darshan Kumar. The series also relies on great writing; it borrows from some of cinema’s greatest crime thrillers, like City Of God or No Country For Old Men. It’s also directed by one of India’s finest filmmakers—Prakash Jha—who lends to each scene his signature visual style that makes you feel at home in such complicated characters and intricate story lines.

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