After the somewhat disappointing Thor: The Dark World, many fans began to wonder if they’d ever see Chris Hemsworth as Thor again, much less whether or not he would get to wield Mjolnir in future installments of the series. Well, we still don’t know about Mjolnir, but we do know that Hemsworth will be returning as the Asgardian prince for the fourth time in Avengers 4 (currently untitled). No release date has been set at this time, but we can say that filming will begin sometime after the currently in-production Captain Marvel wraps up. A Storm is Brewing: Chris Hemsworth Will Return as Thor

What does the role entail?

Marvel Studios originally intended to have Loki appear in a post-credits scene, setting up his role in Avengers.While that idea was abandoned, Loki’s role as an antagonist was not. Marvel considered using either another character or technology to transport Loki into Asgard,but eventually decided on Thor’s brother, Balder, who was initially reported to be responsible for bringing an army of Frost Giants into Asgard.

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How did Hemsworth prepare for the role?

The first film, released in 2011, took place mostly on Earth, but for Thor: The Dark World, Hemsworth had to bulk up and get accustomed to working out so that he could portray an Asgardian god. I started lifting weights at 5 a.m. every day, really eating healthily and trying to put on muscle mass, he told Muscle & Fitness magazine.

How would you describe Thor?

Chris Hemsworth has been portraying Marvel’s God of Thunder for almost ten years, and it seems that Marvel finally hit it out of the park with their pick for a superhero. Now one might think what would possess someone to want to be on screen as long as Thor? Well, we can answer that question in three words: J-Law. Not only did he have an amazing time shooting with her, but they also got married in 2012!

Where has he been since we last saw him?

After he failed to save his home world from Thanos’ infinity gauntlet snap at the end of Infinity War, it’s unlikely that Thor has been sitting idle. With no word on where his father or brother are right now, what we can tell you is that in an interview with The Wrap a few months ago, Mark Ruffalo confirmed that we will see new parts of Asgard when we see Thor next.

A Storm is Brewing: Chris Hemsworth Will Return as Thor
A Storm is Brewing: Chris Hemsworth Will Return as Thor

Where will he be going next?

With many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on their way to Avengers 4, will Thor find a new calling? There are several theories about where he may be headed next. The most popular theory suggests that after his encounter with Thanos in Infinity War, Thor could travel back in time and assist Captain America and Bucky Barnes during World War II. Another theory suggests that after helping his father Odin restore order to Asgard following Ragnarok, Thor will leave his home world behind and travel through space to locate some of his old allies from The Guardians of Galaxy or other powerful beings such as Adam Warlock or Silver Surfer.

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What’s next for Thor?

With his last solo outing, Thor: Ragnarok, now in theaters and smashing records left and right, fans are already eager to know what’s next for their favorite Asgardian Avenger. While Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said that they have big plans for Hemsworth after Avengers 4, what those plans are remains to be seen—but if Ragnarok didn’t whet your appetite for more of Thor’s mythos-infused adventures, you might want to turn away now.

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