When you think of Evan Williams, you probably don’t think of the co-founder of Twitter, but now you will! If you’re not watching New Girl yet, I highly recommend it – it’s one of my favorite shows on television. The season 3 finale just aired, and since I didn’t have anything better to do last night, I decided to re-watch the series from the beginning on Netflix. It’s very funny and stars Zooey Deschanel, but the real reason I wanted to re-watch was for its new character Edward G. A New Show You Won’t Want to Miss: Evan Williams As Edward G. Robinson Jr.

About Evan Williams

Evan Williams, a recent UCLA graduate, is tackling the acting industry head on with his starring role in the new Netflix show, Blonde NetFlix. His character, Mr. Edward G. Robinson Jr., goes through great lengths to ensure that everyone is paying attention to him. In order to make sure he’s not overlooked, he even has a blonde netflix when people are trying to watch tv. He also enjoys being an absolute boss and demands constant respect.

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His Role About Edward G. Robinson Jr.

As a great theater actor, Evan knows what it takes to create one of the most compelling and captivating performances on screen and he brings that expertise into his portrayal of Edward G. Robinson Jr., a relentless detective who refuses to let anything get in the way of his mission for justice. A new show you won’t want to miss!

A New Show You Won't Want to Miss: Evan Williams As Edward G. Robinson Jr.
A New Show You Won’t Want to Miss: Evan Williams As Edward G. Robinson Jr.

The tone of the show is realistic but still funny

Evan Williams as Edward G. Robinson Jr.: a new show on Netflix that doesn’t disappoint, is good, and has humor that makes the show enjoyable to watch while still being realistic enough not to be boring. This story is interesting and puts you in the place of the protagonist with comedic relief from various TV series such as Law & Order or movies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

The cast includes many familiar faces

Evan Williams as Ed.G is a fresh new series on blonde netflix, the streaming service that has been increasing in popularity with streaming households recently. Even though the premiere date is not until October 2nd, this cast is too good not to tell you about! Not only does Evan play the lead role of Ed but he also directs and produces it. A total powerhouse of creativity for his first production, we can’t wait to see what he does next!

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Evan Williams as Edward G. Robinson Jr., premieres on October 2nd on blonde netflix

Female writers were used, which creates an authentic female voice in the story

Hey ladies, we all know about some of the great TV shows out there like Law and Order, Mad Men, Gilmore Girls and Friends, but do you know about this new show on Netflix called EastSide? Well it is a Netflix original show with an amazing cast. So who are the main actors on this series that was released last week? Why none other than Evan Williams himself as Edward G.

A New Show You Won't Want to Miss: Evan Williams As Edward G. Robinson Jr.
A New Show You Won’t Want to Miss: Evan Williams As Edward G. Robinson Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Edward Robinson Jr?

Netflix released a new show called Evan Williams as Edward G. Robinson Jr. starring Evan Williams, and it has everyone talking. There is something about this dark comedy that is keeping us on the edge of our seats! The show, which was filmed back in June, features Evan as a fictional version of himself struggling with success in Hollywood while his father’s alter ego is running around doing more successful things in real life than he is.

Is Manny Robinson related to Edward G Robinson?

Many of us have never heard of Manny Robinson, but he’s the newest person we should all be watching on the Netflix show titled Evan Williams as Edward G. Robinson Jr. The best part is that Manny himself has a fascinating story. A graduate of Washington University with a degree in film production, he actually began his acting career at 18 years old as a member of Pussy Riot when they created their work/protest Hands Up!

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Who is Edward Robinson married to?

Evan Williams stars as his namesake, Edward G. Robinson Jr., in Blonde. Blonde is a comedy about a ruthless businessman with matrimonial issues who decides he has to buy the company that fired him and destroy his competition if he wants any chance of staying married. What does Evan Williams do when he isn’t acting?

Evan Williams lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two children and dog.

He co-founded The Soular System which manufactures athletic eyewear for professional athletes.

A New Show You Won't Want to Miss: Evan Williams As Edward G. Robinson Jr.
A New Show You Won’t Want to Miss: Evan Williams As Edward G. Robinson Jr.

Who is the author of the Edward G Robinson Encyclopedia?

The book is authored by a man who does not reveal his true identity because of the risk of reprisal for what he has done, presumably in retaliation for exposing the true nature of Edward G. Robinson, Sr., and his son, Edward G. Robinson Jr. Who Evan Williams really is? We’ll never know. Why would you? He’s all over our screens!


As with every business he creates, Evan will be juggling two full-time jobs for the duration of the series. He’ll be playing Ed and running Twitter, making appearances on ABC’s ‘Nightline,’ and answering live tweets about his show on Periscope. Regardless of what else happens, Evan hopes this project will help his viewers get a better understanding of race relations in America today—something he feels has been missing from the media and our national conversation.

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