The Imperfects have finally gotten their own show! That’s right, after years of sitting in the background in various shows and movies, The Imperfects are finally taking the lead. In The Imperfects 2022 Netflix series, Dr. Sydney Burke struggles to take over leadership of the imperfects when her mother goes missing. With the help of her friends and the imperfects of course, she makes it through each day, hoping that one day she will find her mother again. The newest member of the cast is Italia Ricci as Dr. Sydney Burke. A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke

A New Beginning for The Imperfects: Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke

ABC Family has just announced that Italia Ricci, famous for her roles in Bunheads and Switched at Birth, will be joining the cast of The Fosters as Dr. Sydney Burke, an occupational therapist who works with Mariana and other children at Callie’s Ranch, where teens are treated for substance abuse issues. Her role was originally played by another famous actress-turned-television-star, Holly Marie Combs of Charmed fame. We caught up with the original Dr.

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About The Imperfects

The Imperfects is a scripted comedy about three imperfect moms trying to get it together in today’s competitive, yet ever-changing world. These flawed but lovable women represent a new generation of mothers who are struggling to raise their children with down-to-earth values in a high tech world, all while getting their own lives together along the way.

What this means for the show

The producers of ABC’s TV show, The Imperfects, announced that actress, Italia Ricci has been cast to portray Dr. Sydney Burke, who will replace actor, Michael Rady from season two onwards.

This new casting decision is a fresh start and is sure to excite fans of the show who were disappointed by Rady’s departure.

About Italia Ricci

Italia is best known for her breakout role in ABC Family’s Chasing Life, and will next be seen in I Am Frankie on Netflix. She also stars alongside Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in Universal Pictures’ upcoming release, A Quiet Place, which was written and directed by John Krasinski.

What to expect from her character

Dr. Sydney Burke is the newest character on The Imperfects, played by actress Italia Ricci of Riverdale and Revenge fame. She joins Amanda (Jennifer Aspen) and Zoe (Sandra Bernhard) in their quest to help women with imperfect bodies feel good about themselves, both inside and out.

About Italia Ricci

Actress and producer, Italia Ricci, has been cast in the new Netflix original series The Imperfects. After being absent from television since her last role on ABC’s Castle in 2017, this is a welcome addition to Netflix’s already star-studded lineup of shows. Showrunners have remained silent on what role she will play in the series as they are yet to divulge spoilers ahead of its release date this coming January 2019.

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Who is Dr. Sydney Burke?

As the newest addition to the cast of The Imperfects, Italia Ricci will portray a Boston-based pediatrician who becomes friends with Karen and Irene, played by Holland Taylor and Diane Ladd, respectively. Before joining the series in its fifth season, it was announced that her character would be assisting them in their fight against breast cancer.

A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke
A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke

Why did she leave the CIA?

She left the CIA because it was tough to balance her work and family life. I’ve been asking for a more flexible schedule since before I had kids. After eight years, she finally got that request approved with enough notice to wrap up filming on season 4 of The Imperfects, which was delayed due to her contract.

How is she different from her character on Grey’s Anatomy?

Italia Ricci is a well-known actress who has been in several films and television shows such as Panic! at the Disco music video Girls/Girls/Boys, Good Luck Charlie, Rizzoli & Isles, Once Upon a Time, and Shameless, just to name a few. I’m looking forward to seeing her take on her newest role and am so excited that she will be joining the cast of Netflix’s The Imperfects starting in September 2019 when season 4 debuts.

Other Netflix Originals in Italy’s Career Roster

Beginning her career at the age of nine, Italy has done a multitude of things with her roles in movies, TV shows, and video games. With a successful career already well established, she is now taking on her newest role of Dr. Sydney Burke in The Imperfects: 2022 Netflix Original Series.

A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke
A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke

Her Dreams for This Role

When I read this script and found out what an amazing character she was, I felt so honored to be a part of that show. She’s strong and confident, but also vulnerable and able to connect with people on a deeper level than we see with other doctors in the medical field. As far as my dreams go, I want to play Dr. Sydney Burke for years to come, she said.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Italia Ricci married to?

After seven years of marriage, actor Sebastian Roché and Italia Ricci announced their separation back in November 2017. They each share one daughter together, who has recently followed in her mother’s footsteps with a role on TV at an early age! Watch out world, 18-year-old Emma Roché has made her acting debut on MTV’s new drama series Beyond!

What has Christina Ricci been up to lately?

Christina Ricci has been a part of a number of shows and movies since her most recent role in 2008. In 2009, she landed a role on Nickelodeon’s live-action show iCarly, starring opposite Jennette McCurdy in both seasons 3 and 4. After 2011, she starred in eight episodes of Bunheads alongside her sister, actress Stella Adler.

A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke
A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke

What is Italia Iñaki’s next movie?

It was only just announced that actress, Italia Iñaki will be taking on the role of Dr. Sydney Burke on Netflix’s, The Imperfects. As fans wait to see what her new character will bring to the series, here is a brief synopsis of her past film and television roles.

A New Begining for The Imperfects as Italia Ricci Joins the Cast as Dr. Sydney Burke

Who is Elizabeth Ricci and where is she from?

Elizabeth (or Lizzy) and her twin sister, Julia, were born in Buffalo, NY on September 8th 1990. Elizabeth spent most of her life growing up in Ft. Worth Texas where she graduated from Ranchview High School in 2008 and later studied at the University of Alabama where she majored in communication studies.

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