Take a look back at the early days of Lloyd Pierce, one of Yellowstone’s most beloved characters. From Forrest Smith guest-starring in Season 2 to Forrest Wilder’s recurring role in Season 5, two actors have brought Pierce to life over the years. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how Pierce’s journey has unfolded since his introduction in the 1990s. Through interviews with the cast and crew, we’ll uncover the behind-the-scenes story of Pierce’s development and the impact that Yellowstone has had on the character. A Look Back at the Early Days of Lloyd Pierce

The character of Lloyd Pierce

Lloyd Pierce is one of the most beloved characters on the long-running television series Yellowstone. He first appeared in the show’s second season as a young man, played by Forrest Smith. Since then, he has become an integral part of the show and its cast.

In the early days of the show, Lloyd was portrayed as a kind and gentle soul, someone who cared deeply for his family and friends. He was known to be fiercely loyal to those closest to him and always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. He also had a knack for getting out of sticky situations.

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However, over the years, we have seen a more complex side of Lloyd Pierce emerge. He has become a more hardened character who is no longer afraid to take risks in order to protect those he loves. He also has become a more strategic thinker and a shrewd businessman.

The actor who portrays him

Lloyd Pierce is a beloved character in the hit TV show Yellowstone, and has been since the series began in 2018. But did you know that before Kelly Reilly became the face of the character, two different actors have portrayed him in earlier seasons?

Forrest Smith and Forrest Wilder both brought young Lloyd Pierce to life during the show’s early years. Smith appeared as a guest star in Season 2, while Wilder took on the recurring role for Season 5.

Smith’s portrayal of the young ranch-hand was praised by many viewers. He brought a sense of maturity to his scenes, as well as an air of vulnerability that made his performance unique. Wilder, on the other hand, presented a more light-hearted take on the character. His scenes were filled with humour and youthful enthusiasm, providing a contrast to Smith’s interpretation.

It’s clear that both actors had a major impact on how viewers perceive Lloyd Pierce, and their portrayals will always be remembered by fans of Yellowstone.

His early days on the show

Forrest Smith and Forrest Wilder brought Lloyd Pierce to life in the 1990s, a character that has since become one of the most iconic characters in Yellowstone. Before Yellowstone’s success, Pierce was a young man navigating his way through life in Montana.

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In the early days of Yellowstone, we saw Pierce as a ranch hand working for John Dutton (Kevin Costner). His introduction to the show had him roughing it out on the ranch, learning the ins and outs of the cowboy lifestyle. During this time, Pierce showed an unmatched loyalty to the Dutton family, even when faced with adversity.

Despite his quick rise in the ranks, Pierce’s loyalty to the Duttons was tested when he fell in love with Monica (Kelsey Asbille), daughter of Dan Jenkins (Denis O’Hare). Despite their differences, Pierce and Monica found strength and understanding in each other and eventually married. This relationship made Pierce’s loyalty to the Duttons even more complicated as he found himself in a tricky situation.

Throughout the series, we saw Pierce’s journey grow and develop as he juggled loyalty to the Duttons and love for his wife. His character evolved into one of the most complex characters in the show and demonstrated a complexity of human emotion and struggle. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Forrest Smith and Forrest Wilder for bringing Lloyd Pierce to life and showing us an honest and heartfelt representation of love and loyalty.

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What the character is up to now

Lloyd Pierce first made his appearance on the hit show Yellowstone in 1990s, when Forrest Smith and Forrest Wilder portrayed him as a young man. Fast forward to 2021 and we can see that Lloyd Pierce has come a long way.

Today, Pierce is a grizzled veteran of the ranch life. He’s been around the ranch for years, and is now the ranch manager at Yellowstone. As a result of his years of experience, he’s become one of the most respected figures on the ranch. He’s known for his strength of character, his wisdom, and his unwavering loyalty.

A Look Back at the Early Days of Lloyd Pierce
A Look Back at the Early Days of Lloyd Pierce

In addition to his duties as a ranch manager, Pierce has also taken on additional roles over the years. He is often seen as a mentor to the younger members of the Dutton family, offering wise advice when needed. He’s also become a valuable asset to Jamie Dutton, providing her with vital information about potential business dealings.

Lloyd Pierce is an integral part of the Yellowstone family, and his presence continues to be felt both on and off the ranch. We can all learn a thing or two from this wise and experienced character, who has come so far since his humble beginnings in the 1990s.

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