Jim Hopper, chief of Hawkins Police Department, is one of the most complex characters on Stranger Things. In fact, he may be the most complex character in the entire show. That’s saying something, since this series from Netflix also features monsters from another dimension and kids who have to fight them using telekinesis and their wits. Hopper has his own reasons for doing what he does, but those reasons are not always clear or straightforward. A Look at the Life of Jim Hopper on Stranger Things

Early life

David Harbour was born in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. He has described his family as long-lasting Navy. His mother worked as a CPA and auditor, while his father was a currency trader for Morgan Stanley . David grew up with two siblings and describes himself as an average student who played varsity football , varsity basketball ,and ran track . After graduating from high school, he attended Bucknell University where he studied drama.

Officer Hopper

David Harbour (born April 10, 1969) is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as LAPD Detective Jerry Edgar in ABC’s television series The Dresden Files, and as New York City Police Officer Steve Allison in Spike Lee’s HBO television series The Wire.

A Look at the Life of Jim Hopper on Stranger Things
A Look at the Life of Jim Hopper on Stranger Things

In 2014, he began starring as police chief Jim Hopper in Netflix’s supernatural drama series Stranger Things. He has also been nominated for several awards including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series nomination for his role as Sgt.

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His Childhood

David Harbour was born and raised in Cypress, Texas. When he was younger he had an interest in becoming a marine biologist. This was due to his fascination with sharks, which he has often credited to Jaws and being upset by that film’s depiction of sharks. After graduating from Cy-Fair High School in 1994, David moved to New York City to study drama at The New School for Drama. He then left school and joined a repertory company where he got his start as an actor performing in theatre across America. However, David decided to move back home because it wasn’t working out. He then worked several odd jobs before becoming homeless for about a year after which he began acting again and moved to California.

The Demise of His Wife

David Harbour’s character Jim Hopper is defined by tragedy. We discover in season one that his ex-wife died from cancer, which pushed him into a deep depression and alcoholism. His life was turned upside down and he lost everything: his wife, his career as a university professor, and his home. It’s revealed in Season 1 that he took Sara to her first day of school on October 31st 1983 – which also happens to be Halloween. This date does not come back up until season 2, when we find out that it is also Joyce’s birthday (Hopper giving Eleven presents is actually a flashback to a time before Sara passed away). Could it be that their deaths are somehow connected?

A Look at the Life of Jim Hopper on Stranger Things
A Look at the Life of Jim Hopper on Stranger Things

Becoming Chief of Police

David Harbour became Chief of Police in Hawkins, Indiana in 2016. David’s time spent studying police work and law enforcement provided an authentic foundation for his portrayal as Jim Hopper. Harbour knew early on that his life’s goal was to be a successful actor, which led him to carefully select his roles and avoid anything he thought might be detrimental to his burgeoning career. Prior to taking up acting, David worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and Oregon, which provided him with life experience that translated well into portraying a police chief. After playing Police Chief Jim Hopper for two seasons and after getting to know Sheriff Mark Pazin (who oversees HCSO’s day-to-day operations), it is clear that David made an excellent choice regarding his career path.

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Taking in Eleven

One thing I feel many people don’t quite understand about his relationship with Eleven is that it began as a means to an end. He was taking her in, fostering her, and as she grew older he fell in love with her; although both parties acknowledge that their love is not romantic (nor do they know what romantic even means). She would stay with him because she knew no other family and he would keep her safe.

Is Jim Hopper in Stranger Things 4?

David Harbour as Jim Hopper,chief of Hawkins Police Department. After his young daughter Sara died of cancer, Hopper divorced and lapsed into alcoholism. Eventually he grows to be more responsible, saving Joyce’s son as well as taking Eleven as his adopted daughter. He is based on Chief Jim Hopper in Stephen King’s novel Firestarter (1980).

Is David Harbour in Stranger Things season 4?

David Harbour, who plays Hawkins Police Department Chief Jim Hopper in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, seems to have a lot going on these days. Besides signing autographs for his adoring fans, he’s also been pretty busy filming for Season 4. But is Harbour really coming back for more in Hawkins? If you haven’t watched any of Netflix’s original shows then you may have missed one-half (Chief) of an iconic TV duo that ’80s/’90s kids everywhere remember and love. You’ve probably seen him around town before but don’t ask anyone here because they won’t know what you’re talking about.

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