Lucifer Morningstar, the one who had an affair with God’s wife and was subsequently cast out of Heaven, the personification of original sin, the fallen angel himself—a strong candidate in everyone’s book to be Satan himself—goes to see Dr. Linda Martin for psychotherapy in the show Lucifer . And what does he call her? He calls her Mommy. That’s right, as soon as he meets her he asks her if she wants to be his mommy and she agrees because, you know, she’s just that kind of therapist. A Devil of a Time: Dr Linda Martin and Lucifer


For years, fans of Lucifer have been asking showrunners to reveal more about Rachel Harris’ character, psychiatrist Dr. Linda Martin (who’s appeared on all four seasons). Who is she? What does she know about Lucifer? And just what secrets is she hiding from him? In season 4, we finally learned that her name was Linda – but then she was kidnapped by Uriel in episode 5 before we could find out any more about her. Finally, with Take Me Back to Hell, which aired February 16th, 2019 , fans got a chance to learn why just how well-informed she really is – and whether or not she’ll end up being a key player in his destiny when it comes time for him to fulfill his destiny as he meets his ultimate end.

Character Introductions

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A Devil of a Time: Dr Linda Martin and Lucifer
A Devil of a Time: Dr Linda Martin and Lucifer

Plot Outline

A Devil of a Time — A slice-of-life glimpse into Dr. Linda Martin’s life as she starts her therapy practice with Lucifer Morningstar, then known as Satan, in Los Angeles at The San Marcos Wellness Center. She has worked for months on getting her practice up and running, but unfortunately not one patient has set foot through her door since she opened three weeks ago. That is until she gets involved with a talking (yet mysterious) man dressed in all black leather clothing who calls himself Lucifer Morningstar — apparently he is bored with his daily routine and is looking for something new to spice up his monotonous life.

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Summary and Evaluation

A brief evaluation and explanation as to why an angel, one who was apparently quite powerful himself, would need a therapist. How does he know how to operate without his wings? Is he not supposed to be like God’s ultimate warrior type thing? What happens if he can’t figure out how to control his emotions like Satan told him too? Then there’s that whole deal with him talking with Chloe in an episode not too long ago where she can see him but doesn’t remember any of it… What is going on in that therapist’s office, anyway? The point is, there are some things we need explained before season 4 has even started because if these questions don’t get answered (or at least justified) I’m going to have some serious rage issues.

An Exposition

In season 3, Lucifer opened up to his psychotherapist about his human side, including his passion for music—and she seemed to empathize with him. In season 4, we were introduced to Dr. Linda Martin (played by Rachael Harris), who turned out to be less empathetic than it seemed… but still willing to listen when one has issues with God, religion and theology in general. She counseled Lucifer on several occasions; however, her true motives remain unclear… which is why fans seem torn between liking her as an ally or suspecting that she could be working with Chloe’s father in some kind of mission against them….

A Devil of a Time: Dr Linda Martin and Lucifer
A Devil of a Time: Dr Linda Martin and Lucifer

Act I

Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester have been embroiled in an epic season-long struggle against the evil forces of Crowley and Abaddon. Meanwhile, Lucifer is facing his own battle to win back Hell, so he can return to Earth with his true love—his vessel’s original soul mate, Maze. His solution? To trick her into helping him… or start over as Dr. Linda Martin, psychiatrist with an office on Harley Street in London! Elsewhere, on a farm outside Topeka (Kansas), Castiel begins to hear mysterious voices coming from an old radio that shouldn’t be able to pick up any signals at all…!

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The Midpoint

Before episode 8, I had never seen Rachael Harris in anything. I think that’s because her resume is pretty short so far–and she was also on two shows for very brief stints (in one case being in one episode as a guest star). My problem here is that psychotherapists are extremely expensive (I could get personal training with a nationally recognized celebrity trainer/nutritionist, but they’re out of my price range). While any pay would be great, it would be terrible if we paid an actor to come in and get killed off right away…so having her there most of season 4 would really help show that she actually earned her money by sticking around. A psychotherapist who specializes in coping mechanisms for people dealing with depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

The Climax

What do you think is going to happen with Amenadiel, Charlotte, Maze, Dr. Linda Martin or any other members of Team Hell in season 4? Who is going to get hurt by all these games that have been played? It’s already been confirmed that we’ll be seeing some familiar faces from seasons past but what about villains from previous episodes? Are we going to get more backstory on Amenadiel or even see how his relationship with his son progresses? There are just so many questions for Lucifer Season 4 but it looks like there are no easy answers in sight!

The Falling Action

In Trip to Stabby Town, we see that Rachael Harris’ character, Dr. Linda Martin is not as self-assured as she appears on screen. In fact, before taking on her role as Lucifer’s therapist, she was an alcoholic whose husband left her for another woman in LA – A failed suicide attempt (via axe) landed her in the hospital and at an AA meeting where she met Amenadiel who had disguised himself as an angel. After listening to Ms.

The Resolution

When we last saw Dr. Linda Martin, she was heading to what she hoped would be an adoption agency in San Francisco after her half-angel, half-human baby boy was born by C-section on Lucifer . The beautiful little half-angel was supposed to save his mom from leaving hell with him, but instead ended up creating an interdimensional mess that may result in her death if something doesn’t happen soon. The fact that she’s now known as the mother of Satan only complicates matters as well, so it’s time for a devilish dilemma! Here are five possible resolutions for the mother of Satan.

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How old is Rachael Elaine Harris?

Rachael Elaine Harris was born on December 3, 1970 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA as Rachael Elaine Harris. She is an actress, known for How I Met Your Mother (2005), The Hangover (2009) and Everybody Loves Raymond (1996). She has been married to Larry Dorf since March 13, 2007. They have one child. She was previously married to John Adelman from 1997 to 2006. Her nickname is Rachellllllllll!​

Who is Rachel Harris husband?

Rachel Harris husband is Eric Jonrosh, an American screenwriter best known for his work on Saturday Night Live (1985–91) from 1989–93. His work has appeared in such publications as The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Men’s Journal and Playboy. He is represented by Anonymous Content and United Talent Agency. Jonrosh was one of four head writers to win an Emmy Award for his SNL sketches in 1993.[1] He later contributed to MadTV between 1995–99 as a writer and producer and also wrote for The Simpsons during that time period.

How tall is Rachel Harris?

At 5ft 9in, Harris is pretty tall for an actress but that didn’t stop her from becoming one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces over her 30-year career. Since landing her first TV gig in 1993 on Baywatch she has gone on to appear in everything from Bandits, The Incredible Hulk, to Reba where she played guest star (and Dixie Carter’s sister) Liddy Winkler.

Does Lucifer’s therapist find out?

In season 1, episode 5 Pops, we see that Dr. Martin has had clients commit suicide after her sessions with them. We can assume one of those clients is named Dan since in episode 3 What Would Lucifer Do? she tries to call Dan after he dies from an overdose, but hangs up on him before he answers as she realizes who it is. In season 2, episode 8 Quintessential Deckerstar Sam’s girlfriend Julia turns out to be Dan’s sister and threatens to tell everyone about what happened if Sam doesn’t break up with her. To stop her from doing so Dr. A Devil of a Time: Dr Linda Martin and Lucifer

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