Google Chrome Enterprise is one of Google’s solutions that helps provide IT departments with tools and technologies to manage their Chrome environment across a large organization. Here are eight useful features you may not know about Google Chrome Enterprise. Check them out, and feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comments below! 8 things you didn’t know about Google Chrome Enterprise

1) An enterprise-grade browser

Whether employees are accessing data on their own computers or over a corporate network, they should be able to count on a browser that is secure and reliable. Google Chrome Enterprise offers exactly that. With its rock-solid security, intuitive management console and support for legacy applications built with NPAPI plugins, it’s a great choice for businesses big and small.

2) A free solution

Running your own business isn’t easy, which is why we’re so glad that Chromebooks have become such a popular choice in recent years. With a stable, secure and flexible operating system built on top of Android, they’ve got something to offer almost any user—from businesses and small organizations to individuals. The biggest advantage of using them in an enterprise environment? They run an open source platform that can be modified and extended at will!

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3) On-premises software management

As a part of its enterprise push, Google has added several capabilities to Chrome Enterprise that IT admins will love. For example, it now supports on-premises software deployment via Active Directory and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Manage all your users’ browsers from a single pane of glass with new group policy templates, and kick off deployments with remote upgrade triggers. If you already manage PCs in your environment, why not extend your management toolset to browsers as well?

4) Built for customers, by customers.

The feedback we get from our users is what powers everything we do—from design choices to new features. To see how Chrome works in your environment, and learn best practices for deploying it at scale, join one of our webinars or sign up for a live demo today. (Check out our recorded webinar on YouTube.) Google Apps Management Console: You can manage all aspects of your organization’s Google Apps experience through a single console that provides rich reporting and insights into user activity. With just a few clicks, administrators can control policies across their entire domain with granular detail. For example, if an employee leaves the company, administrators can disable his account instantly without having to worry about his data being left behind in other apps like Gmail.

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5) The largest cloud-based management infrastructure in the world

One of Chrome’s best features is that it can seamlessly integrate with your existing cloud-based infrastructure. The platform is massive and robust—you can expect nothing less from a company who previously ran its own data centers in order to support its fleet of user-installed browsers. Not only does Google have one of the largest networks in terms of geographic reach, but they also operate one of the largest networks with respect to server capacity.

6) Two billion monthly users

More than two billion people use Google products every month, and that number is rising fast. With so many users, there’s a huge opportunity to tap into lucrative markets and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. As more companies begin using Chrome Enterprise, it will become even easier for you to get recognized for your work. The best part? You don’t have to be on-call 24/7—Chrome has been designed with security in mind, meaning it won’t crash or slow down if too many users are logged in at once.

8 things you didn't know about Google Chrome Enterprise
8 things you didn’t know about Google Chrome Enterprise

7) Third party integrations are seamless and simple to set up

Through simple APIs, developers can use their existing developer account to integrate with G Suite, or set up a new one. It only takes a few lines of code to integrate your app into G Suite, so you can be up and running quickly. You don’t have to write any new code to get started. Use pre-made templates and sample code from our documentation library. And if you need help getting started, there are plenty of resources available on our developer site. If you want to build an app for enterprise users, but aren’t sure where to start, we also offer free consultation services through our partner program. We’ll help guide your project from concept through launch so that you end up with a great user experience that keeps employees productive while keeping security top of mind.

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8) Built-in security controls

A virus scanner is built right into Chrome Enterprise, so you don’t need to install one. You also get browser extensions that give administrators granular control over what their users can do on the Internet—whether they want to block social media sites or allow full Web browsing. For example, your IT department can configure a policy that lets users access any page except Facebook.

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