Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who watch someone else play video games on Twitch every day? Did you know that most of those streamers are men? You might not think that’s weird – until you find out that most of the actual players are women. That’s when it starts to get really interesting! There are more female gamers than ever before, and it’s partly thanks to a phenomenon called viewer-to-streamer, where viewers support streamers who inspire them and make them feel like they belong in gaming culture. 7 Female Streamers Who Are Changing Gaming Culture

1) Rajni

Taking streaming to a whole new level, Rajni mixes her fun-loving attitude with entertaining game play to become one of India’s most popular gaming streamers. She is an amazing gamer who’s equally good at Fortnite, PUBG and CS:GO. Her videos are just pure entertainment and you can see them raking in thousands of views every day! Not only is she a phenomenal gamer but Rajni also does giveaways and interacts with her viewers making her streams even more interesting to watch.

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2) Omkar

Founded in June 2018, Omkar is one of India’s most popular Twitch streamers. She has streamed a wide variety of titles including PUBG, Battlegrounds Mobile, Fortnite and League of Legends. Omkar’s channel demonstrates how streaming can be a viable career option for women as she started as a student but now earns enough to support herself and live comfortably.

3) Ashu

Ashu, aka Asha Marie, was born in Canada but grew up in India. Her love for video games started when she played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on her dad’s gaming PC. After graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Ashu began streaming Fortnite on Twitch and amassed a following of 75K+ followers. She’s also appeared on news channels to talk about her favorite games.

4) Nisha

She is a Mumbai-based streamer who plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but it’s not just her game of choice that sets her apart. Nisha gained popularity through videos she posted on her YouTube channel over a year ago, long before streaming became even remotely popular in India. With these videos came recognition from other players and eventually an invitation to join CyberGamer, one of India’s biggest gaming platforms for competitive play.

7 Female Streamers Who Are Changing Gaming Culture
7 Female Streamers Who Are Changing Gaming Culture

5) Anuraag K.J.

Anuraag K.J. is a woman of many talents, but it’s her streaming prowess that has made her a household name in India. An outspoken feminist, Anuraag K.J. is best known for tackling controversial topics and sharing stories about her personal life on stream as well as reaching out to fellow gamers who may be struggling with issues like anxiety or depression and offering them positive advice about dealing with life in general.

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6) Amruta Gokhale

Amruta Gokhale is a well-known Indian streamer and e-sports enthusiast. She has worked at various technology start-ups and companies in Pune over a span of 9 years before she decided to make streaming her full-time job. Amruta also works as an Ambassador for The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) Women Council and was recently appointed as one of their Board members.

7) Simran

Simran Kaur, aka Simmy, is a popular streamer and gaming personality. In 2012, she became India’s first competitive female gamer to be recruited by a professional esports team.

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