Some TV characters just stick with you, even when the show that introduced them has ended or moved on to different characters and plots. Doug Stamper from House of Cards is one of those characters, and here are five reasons why we love him. 5 Reasons Why We Love Doug Stamper

1) His loyalty

As one of Underwood’s longest-standing colleagues, and in some ways his only true friend, there are few people Stamper would ever turn on. He’s been there from day one: from press secretary to chief of staff. His loyalty is proven by his willingness to lie for Frank, even when it directly conflicts with his own moral code; like when he tells Claire that she can’t see her children after they were kidnapped by her husband – a man she just shot herself.

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2) His badassery

He’s got a strong sense of who he is, and he’s never afraid to do what he thinks is right. He knows what really matters in life, and it’s not necessarily that people think he makes sense or even like him. Like Frank Underwood, we root for guys like Doug because they don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves—and they are totally okay with that. (Ahem.)

3) His soft side

Okay, so we’re not always on Doug’s side (he did sleep with Rachel!), but there is a lot to like about him. He shows that he is a human being—one who actually has feelings and cares for other people. He shows his gentler side when he helps Remy Danton get clean in season three, not because he thinks it will help them in their political maneuvering but because it is something that means a lot to Remy personally.

5 Reasons Why We Love Doug Stamper
5 Reasons Why We Love Doug Stamper

4) His weird side

If there’s one thing we love about Doug, it’s his weird side. Whether he’s dumping a bucket of ice water on a prostitute or smashing his head through a car window to end an undercover mission, Doug is always delivering interesting moments that we can appreciate. Whenever things get too normal in Frank Underwood’s presidency, Doug throws us for a loop with one of his crazy antics.

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5) That he’s played by actor Michael Kelly

Stamper and Underwood’s twisted bond makes for some of House of Cards’ most compelling and exciting moments. The two characters have a unique relationship that is similar to a brotherhood; they know each other better than they know themselves, which makes them dangerous and unpredictable together onscreen. Their unconditional loyalty is also what ultimately brings them down.

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