He’s an award-winning chef and an all-around dreamboat, but there’s more to Lucas Bravo than meets the eye. We’re talking about Emily in Paris’ Gabriel, aka actor Lucas Bravo (You may recognize him from The Purge). Let’s take a look at just why we love this guy so much! 5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Lucas Bravo, aka Gabriel From Emily in Paris

About Lucas Bravo

Lucas is the handsome French chef who lives downstairs from our protagonist, Emily. He’s also a love interest and Camille’s boyfriend. What more could you ask for? As Lucas said himself in episode 8 of Emily in Paris when he first meets her, I’m not that great with English. Luckily, all of his charm comes through loud and clear just like this quote: People are always telling me I’m too good looking. I don’t know if they’re trying to tell me something or not.

His Role As Gabriel

Lucas Bravo in emily in paris is a major character on the show and Emily’s love interest. He is portrayed by actor Lucas Bravo who plays the role of Gabriel.

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Gabriel lives downstairs from Emily, he owns and operates the Chez Lavaux restaurant; which is the most successful restaurant in all of France.

He becomes a love interest for both Camille and Emily.

Gabriel has brown eyes and short, dark hair with a classic style that falls just below his ears.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Lucas Bravo, aka Gabriel From Emily in Paris
5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Lucas Bravo, aka Gabriel From Emily in Paris

1) Is It Real?

Lucas is a new character on the show Emily in Paris. He is the head chef at Chez Lavaux and he’s Emily’s love interest. She meets him while trying to find her place in France and they have some steamy scenes together. The thing is, we never see him without his chef coat on so you can’t really tell what he looks like underneath it all. Plus, he has a girlfriend named Camille! So should you really be falling for this guy?

2) He Listens

Lucas listens when I tell him about the troubles I’ve had with my family. He understands that I need time and space. Lucas listens when I talk about what it’s like living in a country where you don’t speak the language, or when I’m having trouble at work. He really is a good listener. Lucas also knows how to make me laugh and smile – even on my darkest days.

3) He Communicates

Lucas is a man of few words but he communicates well with his eyes and his smile. He also communicates well with his cooking. His food is an art form that delights not only the taste buds but also the eyes. Lucas is living proof that good things come in small packages. He may not be tall, but Lucas has a big heart and an even bigger personality.

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4) He Lives His Life

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Lucas has been acting for over a decade. In 2012, he made his debut on the big screen as a lead character in the film Expanse. His most recent role is that of Gabriel on the Netflix series Emily In Paris where he plays Emily’s attractive downstairs neighbor who is also her love interest and Camille’s boyfriend. He lives his life by one rule: he does what feels right.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Lucas Bravo, aka Gabriel From Emily in Paris

5) He’s Confident

Lucas Bravo is a chef at Chez Lavaux and is Camille’s boyfriend. He has a tumultuous past with his father, who abandoned Lucas and his mother when he was just a boy. Despite the tough hand life dealt him, he managed to get himself into culinary school where he became one of the youngest chefs to be awarded three Michelin stars. It’s safe to say he has moved on from his father’s mistakes and embraces life with gusto.

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Frequently asked questions

Who stars as Gabriel in Emily in Paris?

Lucas Bravo stars as Gabriel in the Netflix original series Emily in Paris. Lucas is an actor and producer who was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. One of his most notable roles has been that of a bartender named Diego on La que se Avecina (The one who is coming).

In the show Emily in Paris, Lucas plays Gabriel, an attractive chef at Chez Lavaux restaurant. He’s also Emily’s love interest and Camille’s boyfriend.

Is Lucas Bravo guy?

Lucas as Gabriel is a guy who is the head chef at Chez Lavaux, which is Camille’s restaurant. He’s also Camille’s boyfriend and he lives downstairs from Emily. Lucas has a great sense of humor and he always seems to know what you’re thinking. His smile can be contagious. And even though he can be secretive at times and hard to read, that just adds to his mystery.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Lucas Bravo, aka Gabriel From Emily in Paris

Is Lucas Bravo an actual chef?

Lucas is not an actual chef. He is a character on the television show Emily in Paris played by Lucas Bravo. Lucas plays Gabriel, who is Camille’s boyfriend and Emily’s love interest. His best features are his charm and his cooking skills which make him one of the most attractive men on the show.

Where is Gabriel from in Emily in Paris?

Gabriel is from France and is a chef at Chez Lavaux. He also lives downstairs from Camille and Emily. Lucas Bravo as Gabriel is charismatic, charming, and handsome- these are just three of the reasons why you should fall head over heels for him! He’s been described by viewers as the most perfect man in the world. He’s kindhearted and his love for Camille is genuine.

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