While it’s true that YouTube videos can be watched for free, there are some things you can’t do unless you download them first. The most notable example of this would be when you need to edit the video or use it in another project; if you don’t already have the original file saved on your computer, you won’t be able to do those things with it. Downloading YouTube videos isn’t as easy as downloading files from other websites, but luckily it’s not too difficult once you know how to do it. 5 Methods for Downloading YouTube Videos

5 Methods for Downloading YouTube Videos
5 Methods for Downloading YouTube Videos

1) Use Chrome Extensions

There are many Chrome extensions that allow you to download videos from YouTube and other video sites. One of our favorites is called Video Cache Viewer, which lets you see a list of all of your cached videos as well as download them in various formats. Another great option is called DownloadHelper, which gives you a lot more control over how your videos are saved (and its add-ons give you even more control). Some other good options include KeepVid and All4Tube.

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2) Use URL Shorteners

Save time and bandwidth with URL shorteners. Many social media sites have a shortening function that allows you to shorten lengthy URLs into small, easy-to-share links. A Google search will bring up several different options if you want to keep things simple; if you want to get fancy, check out Bitly or YouTomb. There are even mobile apps available on both iTunes and Google Play that allow users to watch shortened links right from their phones or tablets!

3) Browser Add-Ons

Many browsers allow you to download videos from YouTube and other sites. First, install a browser extension such as CopyTo or Video DownloadHelper for Google Chrome, or Firebug Lite for Firefox. To use these tools, go to a video on YouTube and click on an icon that lets you download it. That’s all there is to it! This method works well if you’re trying to grab a video from your computer—but what if you want to get videos off of your phone?

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4) Use Google Drive

If you want to download a video, Google Drive has your back. Just go to that site and click on Upload at top right. You can choose a file from your computer or select one of your videos and click Open. Next, click on File Manager, then click Download as MP4 on any video you want to save. Keep in mind that videos are limited to 15 minutes in length, unless you get rights from their creator.

5) Playlists

While you can’t download entire playlists, you can download individual songs from a playlist by clicking on Download MP3 next to each track. To save an entire playlist, click on YouTube Tools, choose Playlist manager, find your playlist and click export. If it doesn’t show up in your downloads folder directly after saving it, just refresh your browser and it should appear.

And Last My Opinion :

Go to YouTube, click on the URL of the video you are watching, remove UBE from that URL, then enter, select the type of video, download the video and thank me 🙂

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