Mirroring your iPhone to your TV can be done two ways, wired or wirelessly. Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll want to choose the one that best suits your needs and abilities. Here are 3 ways to mirror your iPhone to your TV without Apple TV. (more…) 3 Ways to Mirror Your iPhone to Your TV Without Apple TV

Turn your phone into a wireless hotspot

For most devices, you’ll need a wireless hotspot to mirror your phone. If you have an Android device, open Settings > Wireless & networks and tap Tethering & portable hotspot . Then turn Portable Wi-Fi hotspot on . In iOS 7 or newer, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and slide On next to iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The phone will automatically create a wireless network for other devices with which you want to mirror your screen.

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Use an HDMI cable

One of the easiest ways to mirror your iPhone on your TV is with an HDMI cable. While not all HDMI cables will work, there are specific ones made for pairing with iOS devices that can make it super easy. Just plug in one end of a compatible HDMI cable into your smartphone and then plug in your other end into an available port on your television. It’s that simple!

Use Chromecast

This is one of my favorite ways to mirror an iPhone or iPad to a TV. With Chromecast, all you need is a Mac or PC that’s connected to your Wi-Fi network and an HDMI cable (which will be included with your Chromecast). Once installed, use your phone or tablet as you normally would—the images will show up on your big screen!


You don’t need an HDMI cable or mirroring app for your iOS device if you have: AirPlay-enabled speakers, a Wi-Fi connection, and an Apple TV. This only works if you have 2 devices of any kind (1 Mac/PC + 1 iOS) that are connected to each other over Wi-Fi. This means you will not be able to do it from a room away from your computer as there must be some type of network connection between both devices.

3 Ways to Mirror Your iPhone to Your TV Without Apple TV
3 Ways to Mirror Your iPhone to Your TV Without Apple TV

#1 – Setup your phone as a hotspot

Setting up your phone as a wireless hotspot allows you to connect a computer, tablet or other mobile device to it and access its data network. You can then connect your PC or Mac with an HDMI cable directly from its video output port to your television set’s input port. This will allow you mirror your phone onto the bigger screen of your TV.

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#2 – Use an HDMI cable

Connecting your phone or tablet directly to a monitor using an HDMI cable is one of the easiest ways to display your device on a bigger screen. Once you’ve plugged it in, tap on the mirroring option under your device’s general settings and select your screen as its destination. You can also use AirPlay if you have an Apple TV hooked up to your HDTV—go into Settings > AirPlay and turn mirroring on.

#3 – Use Chromecast

Chromecast is a small dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and allows you to stream content from apps on your phone or tablet. However, you can also cast photos, videos, and music stored on your phone—right onto your television screen. It works with both Android and iOS devices.

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