When you store information on your computer, you may want to secure the data with a password. This tip explains how to create a password that will prevent anyone from accessing your data without authorization, and offers suggestions for creating strong passwords that are easy to remember but difficult to crack. 3 Simple Steps to Protect Your File with Password

Step 1: Save your file
A file that is in use (has been opened recently) is vulnerable to uninvited guests. Make sure your file is saved and closed before sending it anywhere. When you first save a file, your computer asks if you want to give it a name, let’s say it’s Test_1.xlsx for example. The .xlsx extension tells you that its an Excel workbook (.docx for Word). Click on Save or hit Ctrl + S.

Step 2: Add a password
A password is simply a string of characters (letters, numbers, and symbols) used to protect your file from being opened or edited by anyone other than you. To add a password, select Advanced in step 2 and choose a password that you can remember but that would be difficult for others to guess. Be sure not to use any personal information such as your name, your address, or phone number—someone who guesses these will instantly have access to all of your private documents!

3 Simple Steps to Protect Your File with Password
3 Simple Steps to Protect Your File with Password

Step 3: Enjoy your file secured by passwords
The final step is adding password protection. Adding passwords will keep hackers and snoopers from gaining access to your important documents. This can be done by creating a folder in which you will store all of your sensitive files, and creating an accompanying password file. In Windows 8, right-click a folder and select Properties then uncheck Read-only for permissions.

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