Google has been working hard on its new home connected system, Google Connected Home (GCF). It’s currently in Beta release and only available to select partners, but it is quickly gaining steam and should be released to the public in the not-so-distant future. Once you get your hands on this nifty new product, you will wonder how you ever did without it! Here are ten things you should know about Google Connected Home before you buy one for yourself. 10 things you have to know about Google Connected Home

1) We are addicted to our devices

When was the last time you spent an entire week away from your smartphone or laptop? Unless that vacation came before 2011, it’s probably been a while. And as we become more and more reliant on our devices, our need for instant access has changed how we live—for better or worse. We now expect products and services to be available 24/7, and sometimes even make decisions based on whether we can get them on demand.

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2) over half of all searches will be voice

Voice search is rapidly becoming more and more commonplace. In less than a year, voice-based searches grew 60 percent. And over half of all searches will be done via voice, according to eMarketer. That means your content needs to be optimized for it now—before your competition gets there first.

3) Smart Speakers are on the rise

You’ve probably heard of Amazon Echo or other smart speakers that are available for purchase in your favorite store. But what exactly are they? Basically, a smart speaker is a voice-controlled gadget that connects via Wi-Fi to other connected devices and apps such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and more. Smart speakers can also connect with home automation devices like Philips Hue light bulbs or Nest thermostats.

4) Smart speakers aren’t smart yet

Smart speakers are supposed to make our lives easier, but what’s making life hard for smart speaker owners is their inability to understand context and follow commands. For example, a voice assistant that struggles with yesterday won’t be much help if your question is what happened yesterday? It could also be an issue if your command isn’t easy for a machine to interpret.

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5) Out with Old, In with the New

A common misconception when it comes to smart home devices is that they’re all autonomous and interchangeable. The truth is, though, that there are a lot of differences between one device and another—so consider your own specific needs before purchasing anything. Some products might be better-suited for certain rooms in your house, while others might lack certain features or connections. Understand how each product will fit into your home before making a purchase.

7) Marketing is All About Relationships

Think of your relationship with Google as one of co-dependence. You provide your services and products, and they help drive business in return. The better you learn how to take care of each other, the healthier your relationship will be. Here are 10 tips for keeping it strong.

6) Easy Accessibility is Key

The whole point of smart homes is to make your life easier, and being able to access your connected devices with a simple voice command or tap on your phone’s screen will ensure that. That’s why it’s important for smart home technology not only to work independently—if you had a smart TV, for example, but no compatible streaming device, could you still use voice commands with it?

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8) Things Aren’t Necessarily Free

While there are some free smart home devices and platforms out there, most won’t stay free forever. It is a good idea to consider future costs before choosing a connected home device or platform. All Things Are Not Made Equally: It is important that your connected home products all speak the same language so they can work together effectively. Make sure that each of your devices uses well-documented standards, so they are able to communicate with other smart products in your home as seamlessly as possible.

10 things you have to know about Google Connected Home
10 things you have to know about Google Connected Home

9) Advertisers Use Big Data To Manipulate Us

Big data is being used to manipulate us in a very big way. What makes it even more sinister is that we don’t even realize it. We are being manipulated on an individual level and advertisers are using big data as their weapon of choice. We give them permission, of course, but they are taking full advantage of our ignorance. Our ignorance gives them the ability to manipulate our thinking so we will believe just what they want us to believe and do what they want us to do.

10) The Future of Life as we Know it?

The current and upcoming technology in your home can make it smarter and more convenient than ever, allowing us to keep track of what’s happening at all times. With Google’s recent acquisition of Nest Labs, we can expect big things from them in 2014 as they advance their existing products that change how we live our everyday lives.

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