Android OS comes with new features and secrets in every update, but many users don’t know about the most advanced capabilities of the Android operating system. This article shows you the 10 secrets of Android OS that you’ve never heard of. 10 Secrets of Android OS You’ve Never Heard Of

1) Did you know Android includes a hidden game?

Android includes a hidden game called Snake. It was originally designed by the game’s creator, David Ahl, as an easter egg. The game can be accessed by pressing the following keys on your keyboard: * (to start the game), 2 (to move up), and # (to move down). Unlike other versions of Snake, this version starts with a small amount of space to work with and any player mistakes are punished with death.

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2) Did you know there is no need to type in CAPITAL letters?

Did you know that there is no need to type in CAPITAL letters? The keyboard has a setting where it automatically capitalizes the first letter in every sentence. This can be really helpful when typing quickly, but you should still capitalize proper nouns and other important words. There’s also no need to use periods or commas because the software will do it for you. If you want to include symbols, numbers, or other special characters then press and hold on the key until they pop up.

3) Did you know some of your apps are listening even when they’re closed?

It’s a known fact that your apps are listening when you’re using them, so there’s no need to freak out. But did you know they’re also listening when they’re closed? This is because of the way the operating system works. When an app is in use, all it needs to do is register with a few broadcast messages and let the operating system take care of the rest. When the app closes, it will continue to listen for those messages but never send anything back.

4) Did you know that default app can be changed?

Did you know that your default app can be changed? Most people don’t. The default apps are set to Google Apps, but you have the ability to change them if you want. From the home screen, tap and hold on an app until it starts shaking. Then let go and select another app that you want as a default.

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5) Did you know it’s possible to swap out the entire keyboard with another keyboard?

It is possible to swap out the entire keyboard with another one. To do this, you will need to type language followed by the name of a language that you want to use for your keyboard. For example, if you would like to use an Arabic-based keyboard, then enter language ar and press enter. If you would like a Japanese-based keyboard, then type in language ja-JP and press enter.

6) Did you know there are shortcuts for everything in the Notification panel?

One of the hidden features in the Android OS is that there are shortcuts for everything in the Notification panel. If you press and hold on an app icon in the Notification panel, it will open up a menu with shortcuts to that app’s most used functions. Additionally, if you tap and hold on an app icon, it will show you similar apps.

7) Did you know there is no need to create folders for apps if using an iPhone case?

If you are using an iPhone case, it is best to not create folders because the case will take care of this for you. The case will automatically separate your apps into categories and place them in the corresponding folder on the phone. When choosing a new app, a helpful message may appear at the top of your screen which asks if you want to move it to a certain category or location. The notification bar can be minimized so that only one line appears at a time: Another secret of Android OS is that when you tap and hold the notification bar at the top of your screen, all notifications will shrink down so that only one line appears at a time. A single swipe will allow you to scroll through each individual notification until they have all been viewed.

10 Secrets of Android OS You've Never Heard Of
10 Secrets of Android OS You’ve Never Heard Of

8) Did you Know There Is a Way To Reduce Battery Drain By As Much As 75% Without Losing Any Functions?

You can reduce battery drain by as much as 75% without losing any functions. The first step is to turn off the phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. Turning these features off will save a significant amount of power, especially for those who don’t need them most of the time such as during sleep hours. Another way to save battery life is by reducing screen brightness and turning off vibrate settings on your phone.

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9) Did You Know Users Can Access Hidden Settings Menu Via Android Device Manager App?

Android users have an opportunity to access a hidden settings menu by using the device manager app. The new settings menu can be accessed by navigating to the security tab and then clicking on device administration. Once at the device administration page, you will see a list of all the apps that have been installed on your phone. Simply scroll through until you find the one you want, then click disable or deactivate.

10)Did You Know You Can Use Your Headphones as a Remote Control For Your Phone’s Music Player?

Did you know that you can use your headphones as a remote control for your phone’s music player? Just plug in a pair and press the volume up or down button. The left side is for lowering volume, the right side is for raising it. The center button pauses and resumes playback, while the right-hand buttons skip to the next track or return to the previous one.

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