With the release of her self-titled debut album, Dua Lipa has become an international sensation, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. The singer-songwriter recently performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and earlier this year, she released the song New Rules which skyrocketed to #1 on the UK Singles Chart. With this song’s success and her addictive sound, it’s no wonder that we love Dua Lipa so much! Here are 10 reasons why we love Dua Lipa so much!

1) She is passionate about empowering girls

The singer recently shared her thoughts on her platform, stating that she wants to be a role model and mentor to young girls. I hope my songs inspire them, she says. I would love it if my music is used as a way for me to give back by donating proceeds from it to charity.

2) She encourages individuality in her fans

One of my favorite things about Dua is that she seems to have a huge appreciation for being different and unique. She once said, I like being me because I don’t want to be anyone else. I think it’s so much cooler when people are themselves and are happy with who they are. Her self-confidence influences her fans in a positive way—she lets them know it’s okay to be their own person, whatever that may mean to them!

3) She is super charitable

In November 2016, she released her first single Be The One, which reached number 10 on UK Singles Chart. Her self-titled debut studio album was released in June 2017 and debuted at number one in UK and Ireland, going platinum in both countries. The album includes hit singles New Rules and One Kiss, which were both certified platinum by BPI. In December 2017, Lipa received two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album.

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4) She always seems to have the best time

Whether it’s singing on stage, appearing at an awards show or dancing through a sunny day in a music video, singer and songwriter Dua Lipa always seems to be having fun. For some of us, her vibe might be infectious. If you want your own life to feel more like hers, here are 10 reasons why we love her so much.

5) Her personality shines through all of her performances

she possesses a beautiful, mezzo-soprano voice with a R&B edge that makes for an incredible combination. The way she puts everything into her performances and always does her best makes us appreciate her even more. Her presence, beauty, and personality will keep us listening to her music for years to come. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, let’s all celebrate a new icon of womanhood: Dua Lipa! Here are 10 reasons why we love her 10 Reasons Why We Love Dua Lipa

6) She always looks on top of fashion trends

The 22-year-old singer knows how to keep up with fashion and has been very vocal about it in interviews. Though she’s received criticism for having breast enhancement surgery and wearing high heels, she’s able to turn around and explain that her personal choices are not meant to please everyone. Her style is mezzo-soprano pop meets R&B, which makes sense considering her sound as well.

7) She regularly collaborates with other artists

She not only collaborates with other artists but also assists in writing and producing songs. She’s collaborated with artists such as Sam Smith, A$AP Rocky, Sean Paul, Wizkid and Calvin Harris. You can hear her mezzo-soprano vocals play against these different genres of music to see how they fit together. The results are always pleasing to her fans.

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8) Her music videos are visually stunning

Dua Lipa is a self-described aesthete and her music videos are a testament to that. The black and white aesthetic of Blow Your Mind (Mwah); and French New Wave inspired Be The One, they are visually stunning, but also manage to be iconic in their simplicity.

10 Reasons Why We Love Dua Lipa
10 Reasons Why We Love Dua Lipa

9) She never shies away from talking about social issues

In her music video for Be The One, she spoke up about women’s rights and gender equality. She also showed support for Black Lives Matter. Having an important message behind your music makes you more relatable to your audience—you can see why people can connect with Dua and love her style of R&B-infused pop music.

10) She always takes time out for her fans

Over and over again, celebrities seem to forget that they are not just musicians, they are public figures. It’s crucial for them to be nice and kind to their fans, especially when they’re so loyal. We love Dua Lipa because she is always willing to stop for photos with her fans or answer questions from her followers on social media. She also never seems too busy for a fan encounter at an airport or a restaurant. She never forgets where she came from!

Q. & A.

What’s your favorite part about being a singer and songwriter?A. – I love that every night when I walk on stage, it’s not only my chance to perform music that means something to me; but it’s also an opportunity for fans of mine to feel something, anything.

Did Dua Lipa have a baby?

Sorry to be a buzzkill, but unfortunately, our favorite songstress and role model is not currently pregnant. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t given us several reasons to love her! So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why we love Dua Lipa.

Is Dua Lipa a billionaire?

Not yet, but she’s well on her way to getting there. According to one estimate from an entertainment site, if you add up her record sales and concert ticket sales over a five-year period (as of May 2018), she’s worth around $19 million. She reportedly earns about $2 million a year from Spotify alone, according to Forbes . Her singles New Rules and IDGAF both hit No.

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Why is Dua Lipa so popular?

Though she’s only recently begun her career, it’s clear that she was destined for stardom. There are many reasons why we love Dua Lipa, from her R&B sound to her fashionable sense of style. Below, you can learn more about ten reasons why we (and so many others) adore and obsess over Dua Lipa.

How is Gigi Hadid related to Dua Lipa?

Both models and singers, they grew up in London together and even share a manager. According to an interview with Vogue UK, Hadid says of her friend, I first saw her in a Burberry campaign and I thought she was so beautiful.

Has Dua Lipa been pregnant?

An unfortunate rumor spread in December 2017 that British singer and songwriter Dua Lipa was pregnant. The rumor appears to have originated on 4chan and was propagated through Twitter and other platforms. At least one radio station even reported it as fact before quickly deleting their tweet once they realized it wasn’t true. There is no truth to any of these rumors, nor is there evidence that an engagement has taken place. A representative for Dua Lipa confirmed these claims were entirely fabricated.

Who is Dua Lipa’s dad?

Her father is Albanian and her mother is English. Who did she get her R&B sound from?

What does Doja cat make?

Doja Cat is a female American singer and songwriter, best known for her two singles So High and Mooo!..Doja Cat: Doja Cat is an eccentric female rapper from Los Angeles who combines rap with a playful pop vibe. She released her debut EP, Amala, in May 2017..Doja Cat: Born Olivia Jackson in 1996 to parents Kevin Jackson and Tineka Bush of Santa Monica, CA.

What is Olivia Rodrigo salary?

She also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and sang a duet of Britney Spears’ hit single Toxic with actress Jenna Ushkowitz on Glee. Her debut studio album, titled Dua Lipa, was released in June 2017. To promote it, she embarked on her first headlining concert tour, named The Human Tour. The self-funded tour visited 17 countries and 43 cities over four months.

How much is Dua Lipa worth 2021?

While she’s already won an MTV Video Music Award, eight Billboard Music Awards and several Teen Choice Awards, with more on their way, Forbes estimates that by 2021 her net worth will be $15 million. Lipa has a management contract worth at least $2 million. She also signed a record deal with Warner Bros. in 2016, reportedly worth as much as $3 million. Because of her popularity in Asia and Europe and her touring success, she may be able to double her base income over next three years.

dua lipa net worth

As of March 2018, Forbes estimated that Duah had a net worth of $5 million USD. It’s safe to say that’s gone up quite a bit since then.

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