Ron Funches, who plays Howard in the TV series Loot, has become one of the most beloved comedians and actors of our generation. From his role as the voice of Kevin the Bird in the Trolls movie to his starring role in Jexi, Funches’ talent shines through in everything he does. Here are ten reasons why Ron Funches is the best actor of our generation. 10 Reasons Why Ron Funches is the Best Actor of Our Generation

1. Ron can play a serious role

Ron Funches has an impressive resume. His acting range goes from serious to silly, and no matter what role he plays, you can tell that he’s giving it his all.

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He effortlessly portrays Howard in Loot (2019) with such authenticity that viewers can’t help but root for him every step of the way. In fact, I’ve never seen a character’s story arc play out so beautifully on screen before.

2. His acting skills are versatile

Funches has demonstrated his versatility in both comedy and drama. He has done a lot of improvisation and sketch comedy. His role on Parks and Recreation as Pawnee councilman, Aubrey, was his breakout performance. It showed that he could do more than just make people laugh.


Ron has a way of making you feel seen and validated. His humor is always kind and inclusive, never mean or malicious. His vulnerability feels safe and his self-deprecating humor feels like he’s laughing with you, not at you. He creates a space for people to be themselves without judgement or shame. He is an absolute joy to watch on screen because he truly believes in what he does, every word that comes out of his mouth, every movement he makes on stage.

5. Playing anything but himself

Ron Funches was born on March 12, 1983 in California, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Trolls (2016), Jexi (2019) and 6 Underground (2019). He has been married to Christina Dawn since August 2020. His first TV acting job came in 2006 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2009 he appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and then made his way to Conan O’Brien as a member of their regular cast from 2010-2013.

10 Reasons Why Ron Funches is the Best Actor of Our Generation
10 Reasons Why Ron Funches is the Best Actor of Our Generation

6. His jokes are funny without being ‘too much’

Ron has a natural ability to make you laugh, without being ‘too much’. He knows when to let an awkward pause linger for maximum effect, and he knows when to react with earnestness or sadness in order to make you feel something. And, as if he couldn’t get any better, he’s also a talented writer and producer. If there was ever a perfect comedian, it’s Ron Funches.

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7. He gives us lessons in life disguised as one-liners

Ron Funches is a person that should be on everyone’s list for best actor. He has given us lessons in life disguised as one-liners, and he has given us laughs to last a lifetime. His films have become part of our culture and his comedy will never go out of style. He reminds us that we can’t take ourselves too seriously, and he shares the importance of living in the moment.

8. His humour can be considered ‘edgy’ but it never goes overboard

Ron’s sense of humour can be considered ‘edgy’ but it never goes overboard. He doesn’t make jokes about people who don’t have a voice, and he does not try to make fun of people who are suffering from mental illness or disability.

9. He doesn’t give up with his dream

Ron Funches didn’t have a happy childhood. He was raised by a father who struggled with alcoholism and his mother was in and out of jail. As a child, he was teased for being obese, and he went through a rough patch in high school where he got into drugs and alcohol. He even dropped out for a year before returning to school. But somehow this all only made him stronger.

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10 Reasons Why Ron Funches is the Best Actor of Our Generation

10. His commitment towards what he does cannot be described with words

Ron Funches is one of the most committed actors in our generation. His passion and dedication towards what he does cannot be described with words. He has never shied away from making sacrifices for his craft and always gives it his all. In this day and age, we often see people who are not only ungrateful but also don’t take their work seriously. It’s a relief to know that there are some people like Ron who do not compromise on anything when it comes to their artistry.

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