He’s killed off half of all life in the universe and if he returns to Earth, there’s no telling what havoc he’ll wreak on our heroes or even the world as we know it. If Thanos ever actually appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are 10 reasons why you should be afraid of him! For those who don’t know anything about Thanos or the Infinity Stones, head on over to our Marvel Movies 101 page for an introduction before continuing with this piece! 10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

Part 1. The most powerful villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU has introduced many great and powerful villains, including: Loki, Helmut Zemo, The Red Skull, Aldrich Killian and Ego. But none of them are even close to being as powerful as Thanos. With his immense strength in all six Infinity Stones, there is not a single villain who can stop him. Even with all the world’s mightiest heroes combined it is still not enough.

Part 2. He will kill anyone that stands in his way 10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

He’s willing to do whatever it takes, and that includes killing people. He doesn’t care who they are or what they have done, he will just get rid of them because they’re in his way. He doesn’t know what mercy is. He doesn’t even think about remorse or guilt; it is merely a weakness he sees in other heroes that can easily be exploited.

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Part 3. He has killed people with just a snap of his fingers

In Infinity War, he killed half of all life in existence with a snap of his fingers. The movie goes out of its way to show that these deaths are not just some CGI trickery; they are real deaths. Josh Brolin himself has said that it was difficult for him to get through filming without breaking down crying. He said: I’m sitting there and I’m looking at [Robert] Downey Jr., and I’m looking at Chris Hemsworth, and I’m looking at Scarlett [Johansson], and I can feel tears coming down my face because of how much you care about these characters. And you know it’s not fake.

Part 4. He doesn’t need to use guns 10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

Brolin said that for his physical preparation for the role, he trained in a hybrid fighting style involving ninjutsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.[50] He also uses a swordsman trainer for his work with weaponry.[51] Brolin worked out rigorously for seven months before filming began. His strength training focused on bulking up to 200 pounds (91 kg). Brolin said that when he first started training, he could bench press 315 pounds (143 kg) ten times.

Part 5. Nobody can defeat him physically

He’s one of the strongest beings in existence. He easily lifted a 100-ton with little difficulty, and he has been seen fighting Hulk and Thor with only one hand. Although he was not able to defeat them, that’s because they were holding back due to fear of hurting him or killing him by accident.

Part 6. If he snaps again, nobody will survive it 10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

Infinity War ends with Thanos killing half of all life in the universe by using a single snap of his fingers. It’s not hard to imagine him doing it again, perhaps after acquiring more Infinity Stones. If that happens, there won’t be anything left but dust and ash. Even if he doesn’t use another snap, we still have to worry about what else he might do. He could easily destroy an entire planet or even worse: enslave its population for his own purposes. After all, he is one of Marvel’s most powerful villains ever created—and he has an entire army at his disposal.

10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos
10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

Part 7. His army might be stronger than expected

Recently, before being transported from one prison facility to another, Brolin went into character as Thanos and interrupted his own mugshot. While he won’t have an actual army at his command during Infinity War, it seems clear that he’ll have more than a few henchmen by his side in battle.

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Part 8. Can’t anyone stop him? 10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

Normally, someone so powerful and insane would never set foot on Earth. But there is one man who could perhaps have a chance: Cable. Nathan Summers may sound like a superhero from another planet, but he’s actually very grounded in reality. He was born with telekinetic abilities and uses these powers to protect mutants from threats that his brother Scott (Cyclops) and other members of X-Force couldn’t handle.

Part 9. He doesn’t care if you’re a kid or an adult

It doesn’t matter if you’re old enough to vote or old enough to drink because he’s going to do everything in his power to destroy you. In Infinity War, half of all life was taken from Earth and it was easily forgotten by viewers because he didn’t stop at young people either. Although not shown on screen, we can only imagine that a number of people were snapped away in their sleep as well. It’s no longer safe sleeping with your loved ones.

Part 10. He wants EVERYONE dead!

At times, it seems like he wants everyone dead, but then again he may just want them all gone, not dead. And why doesn’t that make us feel better? Because, who knows what will happen if he gets all six Infinity Stones in his gauntlet. According to Thanos himself: I have a particular fondness for Gamora (in reference to his adopted daughter), who has been speculated by many as being one of those revived during Avengers 4.

Thanos is the best Marvel Villain

Thanos, the villain of Avengers: Infinity War, was one of the most powerful and diabolical Marvel villains to date. The film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, have even said that Thanos is the best villain Marvel Studios has ever created. With his compelling backstory and twisted motives, it’s easy to see why this super-villain was able to pull off something as evil as half of all life in the universe being killed just by snapping his fingers. This article will explain why Thanos was the best Marvel villain we’ve seen yet and how he might be different from other villains in the future.

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What makes Thanos great 10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

There are several things that make Thanos one of the best villains in cinematic history. First, his motivations are understandable, even though they lead to horrendous results. Second, he’s extremely powerful and was built up to be a threat since his first appearance. Third, he has clear motivation and is always on-screen; he doesn’t sit around waiting for others to act.

Why we love him

His goals are motivated not just by a desire for greater power, but also by a need to impress his one true love: Death. Thanos’s tragic backstory and complex motivations have made him one of the most interesting characters in all of film, with Josh Brolin’s portrayal setting a new standard for blockbuster villains. It won’t be long before he becomes everyone’s favorite comic book bad guy. Let’s look at why that is.

How his actions lead to our despair

In Infinity War, Thanos defeated or tricked all of his foes in order to collect all six infinity stones. Once he accomplished his goal, he snapped his fingers and killed half of every person in all worlds: Earth, Asgard, Titan (his home), and Xandar (the Nova Corps’ world). He claims that with a snap of his fingers, he made people disappear. If you look closely when Thanos snaps his fingers on Xandar, you can see people disintegrate into ash.

10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos
10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

Question & Answers

How did Thanos get infected in episode five of Marvel’s What If?

During Thanos’ reign of terror in episode five of Avengers: What If?, he was left to rot on a torture chair by Nebula and Gamora, with debris attaching itself to his wounds. In Infinity War, Gamora took him to Titan so that he could recover from his injuries. And by recover, we mean infected everyone else. It all makes sense.

What is the biblical Thanos skin in numbers,4? 10 Reasons to be Afraid of Thanos

To me, it seems that Thanos’s creation in Marvel isn’t too different from his creation in Greek mythology. In a nutshell, both Thanos and Thamuz are gods who come from Titan (Atlas and Kronos). Both have unusual skin color (blue and brown), big muscles, a big beard, and wield a golden scepter as their weapon.

What was the name of the one who cut off Thanos arm?

Adam Warlock. The self-surgery was shown in Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 when he tracked down a Collector and took an Infinity Stone from him. He just cut off his arm and then used a glowing blue stone to cauterize his stump, making it look like he just lost an arm instead of a whole arm and hand like in Infinity War. This worked perfectly, and nobody ever suspected Thanos would lose more than one body part at once.

How much bucks is Thanos going to cost?

Josh Brolin has been signed on to play Thanos in both Avengers: Infinity War and its still untitled sequel, which will be released a year later. However, there’s been no indication of whether his contracts are for one movie or two. Whatever it costs him to appear in both movies (rumors place it between $5 million and $7 million), he’ll more than make up for if he walks away with a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination (or win).

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